Fool in Love with You^2 a silly departure from regular idol dramas


Meet Mary Sue Elizabeth Aisin Gioro, a  mixed beauty  who wakes up everyday in a bed of 40 acres, but instead wants to build her own business from ground-up… in her dreams.

From the opening scene,  Fool in Love with You^2 笨蛋爱上两个你 plays with your expectations of typical idol dramas  while staying mostly true to a plot of the romance between the perfect CEO and his live-in-maid.  Quirky, cute, and short, this was definitely a welcoming break from all the melodramas airing right now. Watch the cute ED on YouTube here for a preview and the series (so far) here.

Liu Meihan plays the protagonist, a jewelry designer who watches way too many idol dramas.   In one scene, when the CEO asks her  to pretend to be his girlfriend, she daydreams of an all-expense-paid makeover.  Instead, she ended up forking over four-thousand-RMB to buy a dress with her own money out of embarrassment. After she witnessed a car accident that could be murder, she’s taken under the wings of a rather boring  CEO (Wu Haoze).   Except luckily for her and me, the CEO got a rebellious but much cuter split personality from the car accident. Whenever his better half shows up, I just want to hug him and pinch him in the cheeks.   Just look at his teddy bear face below!