Princess Jieyou releasing

Finds herself in an arranged marriage (heqin) to the less known Kingdom of Wusun.  Ends up marrying not only King Junxumi but also his successor King Wengguimi and HIS successor King Nimi. #FML

Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang, is set for release today, February 18th.  Despite not releasing many new promotional materials other than a few stills, we thought we would still make a post.

More stills below the cut.


Princess Jieyou releases another trailer

Look, it’s a trailer!

Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang, has released another trailer.  This one seems to be a bit more nicely done and focus more on the relationships that the Princess comes to establish in her new home as well as more of the costumes, which is always a plus.

One more still below the cut… since I’ve had a terrible time trying to locate more.


Princess Jieyou shows off character stills just in time for Halloween

On second thought, maybe long trains and hyper-extended robes aren’t the most suitable for nomadic life.

Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Ye Qing, has released character stills, revealing more about their costuming before the end of October.  The stills feature costumes drawing influence from Chinese, Turkic, Mongolian, etc. and most likely even some modern influences thrown into the mix.

For those of you late on your Halloween costume planning, perhaps you can draw some inspiration from the stills below.  Either way, more stills below the cut.


Zhang Xinyu alternates between Han and Wusun fashion for upcoming drama Liu Jieyou

Zhang Xinyu is treating this set of stills like another long photo shoot.

Princess Jieyou is coming back to China…sort of. Zhang Xinyu stars as the titular princess in her first non-Qing/Republican era historical drama, as Liu Jieyou. As the imperial family engages in marriage-alliances with the neighboring Wusun, Liu Jieyou (who would otherwise be from an inglorious branch of the Liu clan) is elevated to “princess,” and sent off to marry into the Wusun. Her first husband is played by Yuan Wenkang, while his little brother and Jieyou’s second husband (presumably, also her true love) is played by Yuan Hong. Meanwhile, the beautiful “Madame of the Left” (one of the Wusun king’s other primary wives) is played by Zhang Yiluan, while Ye Qing (star of the still unreleased Hua Xu Yin) is the princess’ loyal serving maid, who is sent with her to live with the Wusun. Look below the cut for more pictures! (more…)

Princess Jieyou joins slew of Han dynasty dramas, releases trailer

Zhang Xinyi, to give us an idea of what court infighting looks like in the Han dynasty outside of the Weiyang palace. And other non-Han Han dynasty customs, of course.

Upcoming drama Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang, has released a trailer.  The story takes place during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han, husband of Empress Wei Zifu, and follows Princess Jieyou as she is sent to the West to the Kingdom of Wusun for the purpose of a diplomatic marriage.  There, she encounters many struggles in her new home, not the least of which are the ones she faces as part of her husband’s harem.

Eventually, she prevails and succeeds in reducing Xiongnu influence over this strategically important area, thus aiding the triumph of the Han dynasty over the Xiongnu. Her efforts also contribute to the propagation of Han culture and ideas throughout the Western region. She’s joined by Feng Liao (played by Ye Qing), another Han woman who’s sent along with the princess and also ends up wedding one of the men there. Look below the cut for more stills!