Promo Round-up: Linglong

Tangren’s xianxia drama Linglong stars Lin Yi as the young emperor who is out to save the world, Zhao Jinmai as a young girl with the power of the gods and Yuan Hong as her father.

The drama releases 2 eps every Fri-Sat on Tencent and Mango TV (as always, VIP members get a head start).

Insert song by Zhang Zining

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Tangren’s latest xianxia drama releases trailer

Humans vs. Magikarp, who’

Tangren (Chinese Paladin + Chinese Paladin 3) has kind of been in a slump recently, but I still hope for the best for all their dramas. Their latest xianxia drama Linglong 玲珑 released its first trailers and I have mixed feelings. The CGI and sets look solid, but the lighting is horrible. Yuan Hong’s acting is a standout. I’ll have to see more to decide how I feel about the chemistry between the two young leads, Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi.

Promo Round-up: Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Rom-com Put Your Head On My Shoulder 致我们暖暖的小时光 tells the love story between a weird genius (Lin Yi) and a  bubbly marketing intern (Xing Fei) who end up living in the same apartment. I can already tell from the trailer how cute this show is going to be (although I did say the same thing about A Love So Beautifuland that drama went off the tracks halfway).

The drama is based on Zhao Qianqian’s (A Love So Beautiful) novel of the same name, and releases 2 episodes every Wednesday and Thursday evenings on Tencent. VIP members get a 6 episode head start.

MV, Trailer 1

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