Yao Chen and husband Lin Xiaoshu Vacation in Dalian

Why so many sentimental posts all at once? I have no idea. Perhaps it was because Chinese Valentine’s day was just around the corner. I also feel a bit guilty that I rarely post anything on celeb’s personal lives (invasion of privacy), or their interviews (to lazy to translate). But the former reluctance isn’t necessary in this case, since these pics were from Yao Chen’s blog.

Yao Chen, achieved nationwide fame with “My Own Swordsman”, a satirical take on the wuxia genre, and cemented herself as a household name in China with “Lurk”. She most recently has a supporting role in the romantic comedy Sophie’s Revenge that should soon be making it’s way around the web (it’s already legally available on Sohu). After a busy first half of the year for her, she finally went on a small vacation with her husband of five years, Lin Xiaoshu, her classmate from Beijing Film Academy and showed that their love is as steady as ever.

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