Lin Peng, Zheng Yecheng go undercover in Stealth Walker

I never realized that Li Zifeng kind of looks like Vic Chou until now

In upcoming drama Stealth Walker 玫瑰行者, Lin Peng plays an undercover cop who must recover an inside man (Zheng Yecheng?) inside a narcotics gang after his contact goes into a coma. Li Zifeng joins the cast as a follow cop. The drama has already finished filming.

Given Zheng Yecheng can fight and Lin Peng can fight, and their characters will likely be involved in fighting, fingers crossed this drama is going to have good fighting. All I want is Zheng Yecheng in a drama with a good action director.

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Win the World releases posters

Last few posters we missed.

Win the World 赢天下 posters today.  Starring Fan BingbingGao YunxiangYan YikuanMa SuZhang GuoliGuo Pinchao (Dylan Kuo), Xu FanPan YingziPan Hong, Jiang HongboXie YilinRen ShanLin Peng, Xiao HaoranPeng XiaoranGuo JingZheng YawenZhu JiaqiLiu Xiaohu, Tian Li, and Yuan Xiaoxu, hopefully they will start releasing stills soon.

More below the cut.

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Win the World releases first posters

… with costumes like these at least we probably won’t run the risk of being stuck watching big heads on screen…?

Win the World 赢天下 has released it’s character posters.  With an extensive cast including Fan BingbingGao YunxiangYan YikuanMa SuZhang GuoliGuo Pinchao (Dylan Kuo), Xu FanPan YingziPan Hong, Jiang HongboXie YilinRen ShanLin Peng, Xiao HaoranPeng XiaoranGuo JingZheng YawenZhu JiaqiLiu Xiaohu, Tian Li, and Yuan Xiaoxu, let’s see if Fan Bingbing can top her own production The Empress of China in terms of extravagant costuming and production.

More below the cut.

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Chen Xiao to star in Twilight of the Empire

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 9.53.48 AM

Filmed in the Prince Gong Mansion itself, Chen Xiao’s first serious lead is looking amazing already.

Chen Xiao + director Hu Mei aka the master of bioepics like Yongzheng Dynasty + Prince Gong in the late Qing
=  Twilight of the Empire 帝国黄昏  aka  epicness in the making.

The series co-stars Chen Xiao’s college classmate Lin Peng  and is based on a non-fiction bibliography of the Prince.

For a glimpse of Prince Gong’s controversial  life, here is the New York Times report on his first international appearance, signing the unequal treaties after the burning of the Summer Palace and the fleeing of his brother the Emperor from Beijing.  Just thinking about the potential depth of this role makes me excited for Chen Xiao.

Prince KUNG is about 28, but looks older; his countenance is not devoid of intelligence, but there was an expression of anxious, nervous care, partly fear struggling with anger, no doubt at finding himself in a position so different from the one he had been accustomed to hold in the presence of the high officials of the Government; yet there was a curious mixture of familiarity and respect in the manner of the officers towards him.

The bioepic even had the promo MV is filmed in the Prince Gong Mansion itself!   It would be pretty awesome if the drama was partly filmed there, too.  Okay, enough talk, here’s the preview MV :

Lin Peng is a break-up artist in fiction…and real life?

“Guaranteed to prevent make-ups for ten years!”

It’s not enough to have a “Break-up guru?” We don’t know about box office figures yet, but upcoming movie The Break-up Artist 分手达人 will at least beat Yang Mi and Deng Chao’s movie to the screens, with a release date on June 6th. The movie uses “break-up” as its tagline, with a professional break-up artist who advertises “painless, ten-year guaranteed breakups” and reels in customers with her motto “Love, (then you’re) not fussy; No love, then break up!” Starring Fan Youchen (Van Fan) as the leading male, alongside Lin Peng as the female lead. The movie is produced by Jackie Chan.

Lin Peng’s character is the head of a break-up corporation in the film. She has also, in real life, started a sort of break-up corporation. She noted that “My company’s main enterprise is to safe-keep lovers’ mementos, and and also some of those unforgettable love stories. (1)” (Unsure how close her real company is to her fictional company, but you can still find a few more stills below the cut).  Continue reading

Big Soldier Small General Begins Production


L-R Yoo Seungjun, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom, Ding Sheng (Director), Xu Dongmei

This is a week late, but I’ve got about half a dozen half-written articles, more I want to write but no time for, and thus nothing actually gets published, because I don’t finish writing one before starting on the next one.

Jackie Chan showed off his cast for his new movie “Big Soldier Small General” (with a script that he himself penned) at a press conference about a week ago. The movie is set during the Warring States Period and is an action-comedy road movie about  an old solider who kidnaps the younger general played by Leehom.

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