Photoshoot Friday: May 10, 2013

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If you never caught on to Li Yuchun‘s androgynous appeal from her Supergirl days, you’ll get to see version 2 of it in her new shoot for ELLE. Jiang Yirong was unrecognizable to me at first in her “sexy black ropes” photoshoot, while Wallace Huo was (what else?) extremely handsome as he smouldered about…handsomely. Qi Wei wore the type of outrageous eyelashes that I love and idarklight thinks are weird. (Side with her. She’s the boss). Tong Dawei and Lin Dan make an attempt to even up the male vs. female factor with their shoots, while Li Sheng wears a springtime dress with folds that are to die for.

Still want more? The following celebs also got a few slides in the limelight: Zhang Liwei, Chen Sisi, Song Jia, Dong Xuan, Shao Bin, Lu Hong Continue reading

Tian Liang, Li Xiaopeng, Li Na, Lin Dan, Zhou Jihong to head “Splash”


“I jump, you jump. ” – actual words Tian Liang used to convince Twins to jump. Except this time, the male’s probably the one to survive.

What other show would have divers Tian Liang and Li Na as the the coaches, gymnast Li Xiaopeng and diver Zhou Jihong as the judges, and badminton player Lin Dan* as a guest?  That’s a total of fourteen Olympic medals, not to mention the fact that since Zhou Jihong is responsible for all of China’s diving medals as the head coach of the Chinese diving coach since the 2000 Olympics.

“Spash 中国星跳跃,” one of the two celebrity diving shows airing this week, will  also feature Charlene Choi, who was going to do a synchronised dive with fellow Twins member Gillian Chung before Gillian had to pull out because of a heart condition, philanthropist Chen Guangbiao, actress Eva Huang Shengyi, actor Gao Hu, actress  Liu Xinyu (BuBuJingXin), actor  Shi Xiaolong, singer Chae Yeon, singer Xuan Zi, etc.

Watch Tian Liang’s ad for “Splash” below.

*unconfirmed, but not unlikely since the gymnastics-diving-badminton teams are managed by the same company, a seed company of Li-Ning that’s headed by the now-retired Li Xiaopeng.

Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang and ponies photoshoot

Xie Xingfang showing that the men’s team isn’t the only model agency in the national badminton team. She’s actually taller than Lin Dan, which makes for hilarious kiss shots where he has to lean up to kiss her.

The recently-wed (though they’ve been married since 2010) badminton pair Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang  did a wedding shoot as a part of their wedding last weekend.

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Wedding of the year for Lin Dan,Xie Xingfang

He fell in love with her at first sight when he was only 14 and she 16. The first time they talked was during a mixed training five years later. He lost to her in a 2-0 match that day.

When there’s a special edition Li-ning shoe just for the wedding, you know it has to be big.

After so many actor/actress weddings, this one is surprisingly the one filled with the best shots of all the participants.   From the absolutely dreamy setting to the way-too-good-looking best men and bridesmaids to  the cuteness of the couple, a look at badminton world champions Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang’s wedding. Continue reading

Wedding invitations, proposals, and other cuteness.

Seriously, why are Chinese stars so freaking happy this year? So much success in both careers and love that I don’t think I can handle all of them.

After dating for over eight years, diver Guo Jingjing is finally getting married to boyfriend Fok Kai-kong!  Guo Jingjing’s adorable wedding invitation were recently leaked out to the Hong Kong  press. See the photo before for their invitation, which features their baby pictures!

The divers aren’t the only ones tying the knot after the Olympics. Continue reading

Lin Dan, Sun Honglei and Wang Zhonglei in GQ China


Scans from the first issue of GQ China, credits to 很大很大@thefashionspot. There are also pictures of Zhang Yimou, Andy Lau and others in the website.

See hot Huayi President Wang Zhonglei and gentleman-like Sun Honglei below the cut. I’m sad because I just found out Wang Zhonglei’s married and has kids.
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Chinese Athletes Sing For 5.12


A group of Chinese athletes got together to sing for the One Year remembrance of the devastating earthquake that occurred during 5.12. The singing is quite bad, but I suppose that makes it more admirable that these athletes would display their lack of vocal skills for Sichuan.

Watch the making of MV here and the actual MV here. The CD +VCD of the single will be sold for 12 yuan, all profits going to the devastated area. The MV was shown in a ceremony where it was screened on that huge LED screen from the Olympics.

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Everyone Loves Olympians

We all know that the best way to ingratiate yourself with Chinese fans and non-fans alike is to be seen chummy with some of China’s finest!

Cantopop singer Leo Ku posted pics of himself on his blog with Chinese gold medalists at the same charity benefit Guo Jingjing auctioned off her suimsuit at. His expression doesn’t change much in these pics, so it’s like seeing different Chinese athletes photoshopped with the same image of him over and over. I wonder if he knows how to photoshop?

With Chinese Badminton Stars Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan)

With Chinese Badminton Couple Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan), silver and gold medalist at the games respectively

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