End of the Year survey / Liebster

Do you know why we are “Cfensi”?

We’re a little late with our Liebster Award answers, but first we’d like to thank heisui for her nomination, as well as her continuing support of Cfensi. Not only is she an amazing contributor to the drama blogosphere, she always makes an effort to comment on our posts, plug our Photoshoot Fridays, and share her Legend of Zhen Huan expertise. We greatly appreciate you~ ♥

Unfortunately, not all of our writers were available to answer, but we hope you enjoy the responses from those who could.

A full roster of the writers for our site this year would be idarklight, Jo, Loryy_G, Benji, Bumbleberri, cloudandsea, emsterz (who was already tagged by hesui. You can find her blog here), and 0kuo0 (by the order we started writing for Cfensi)~ (more…)