Li Zijun skating to Jane Zhang’s “Only for Love”

Because she’s too precious for this world and we might never see this again.  source

It’s actually pretty rare for Chinese pop music to make it into official programs, so here’s one of my favorites as the season ends.   Li Zijun, one of China’s top female figure skaters, skating to Jane Zhang‘s “Only for Love.”


Olympic figure skaters pimp post

Liu Zijun 3

The young generation of figure skaters are so adorable I want to pinch all of their faces.

The Olympics are here again, so idarklight is again distracted by prettiness. Here’s a post dedicated to the young generation of figure skaters.

First up is the darling of the team – Liu Zijun. At the age of 17, she’s the national champ for female solos four times over. The first Chinese female to medal in a world event since Lu Chen in the 90’s, not to mention one of the cutest.  The girl is such a charm that her routines have so far consisted of Snow White, Up, and my favorite,  Sleeping Beauty.

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