Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala red carpet round-up

Can you imagine how photogenic Jing Boran and Ni Ni’s babies would be. 

The guests at this year’s Harper’s Bazaar Charity Gala is a who’s who of Chinese actors this year.  Here are some of the stars on the red carpet, including  Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Yang Mi, Lu Han, Angelababy,  Yao Chen, Chris Li Yuchun, Ni Ni, Jing Boran, Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin, Zhang Lanxin, Jiang Xin, Amber Kuo, Bea Hayden, Wang Ziwen, Li Xiaolu, Jia Nailiang, Ying’er, Aarif Lee, Zhao Liying, Qiao Xin, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Binbin, Li Yundi, Chen Xuedong, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Ady An Yixuan, Shawn Dou Xiao, etc.   There were a lot more stars (like Fan Bingbing’s boyfriend Li Chen, Angelababy’s husband Huang Xiaoming),  but their outfits were boring.

Clothes identification from : Starstylefashion@Weibo , clothes from the Bazaar Weibo or the star’s own Weibo’s (this is fair because both are PS’ed anyways) .

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Chen Xuedong, Zhang Yixing has an alien baby in “Oh My God”


Showing you that married life is truly a prison.

OMG, a baby that fell from the sky?  Chen Xuedong, Zhang YIxing, Li Xiaolu, and Jiang Wen  star in a rare sci-fi comedy Oh My God 从天儿降. This first film from seasoned film editor Wei Nan is produced by Zhang Ziyi  with Guo Jingming as the art director. It’s set for a December release.

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Michelle Chen, Yuan Shanshan, Li Xiaolu, and Jia Nailiang for Trendshealth

Michelle Chen, Yuan Shanshan, Li Xiaolu, and Jia Nailiang for Trendshealth’s breast-cancer awareness photoshoot. More here.

Michelle Chen will be starring in romantic comedy Bonjour, Paris 早安巴黎  opposite boyfriend Chen Xiao soon.  Li  Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang are currently filming a detective romantic comedy Housewife Detective 煮妇神探 from the team of Destined to Love You.
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Weibo Wednesday: November 5, 2014

Hope everyone had a good Halloween last week! Some celebrities got in on the fun as well, though I haven’t seen any truly outlandish costumes yet. Here’s three of the cutest ones I saw — do you have any of your own to share?

Jimmy Lin with wife Kelly Chen at son Kimi Lin‘s school’s Halloween party. They’re dressed as a SWAT team. Excuse me while I express shock over the fact that they’re allowed to bring to fake weapons into a school. My workplace didn’t even allow lightsabers!

Jimmy Lin, wife Kelly Chen, and son Kimi Lin dressed up as SWAT officders for Halloween

夢想家林志穎: Happy Halloween day! 今天我们是“特警家族”参加Kimi学校的party,Kimi在台上看到爸比妈咪,表演的更加卖力边唱歌边跳起舞来了![嘻嘻]

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Li Yifeng, Li Xiaolu, Yang Mi in first of Ancient Sword MV’s

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.33.01 PM

“Come out, damned spot! Out, I command you! “

Upcoming super cast Legend of Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 released the first of a series of songs.   This theme to one of the two titular characters,  Baili Tusu (nicknamed Susu), is sung by Li Yifeng and written by Lu Hu. The MV  focuses on Susu’s relationship with his mother (Li Xiaolu) and love interest (Yang Mi).

In addition, the OST cast has been announced to feature an all-star cast of Anson Hu, Yu Kewei, Jeff Chang, and Zhang Jie. I can see this easily being one of the best OST’s outside of ee-Media.

The title of the song, 剑伤 (literally Sword Wounds), is a double reference to wounds caused by the Sword and wounds of the Sword as embodied by Li Yifeng’s character.

Leading females gather for “Ancient Sword”


Seven leading females in one drama? Yes, please!

Ancient Sword must have one of the most incredible female casts in a while, with at least seven of them being regular drama leads by themselves.  The series boasts a cast of Yang Mi, Zheng Shuang, Gillian Chung, Zhang Meng, Li XiaoluChen Zihan,Dilireba, Zhang Na, Wang Yimiao, and Qi Wei.

I can’t believe we never posted character posters for this, but as the series is scheduled to air in July, be prepared for a lot of photo spam. Female character posters below the cut.
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Photoshoot Friday: Florals

This photo was left out of the set when it was first released (others from that photoshoot can be found here) but I couldn’t pass it up.

LI Xiaolu looks awfully like Tong Liya in one of her stills, but Tong Liya herself makes an appearance too. So does Ni Ni, in pink and framed by an orchid (and, as seen from this cover photo, as beautiful as ever); Liu Yun has flowers hanging to her long veil. Laure Shang Wenjie wears a floral print against plenty of blue light; Qiao Qiao and Zhang Jingchu aren’t actually wearing flowers, but they’ve sneaked in anyways. Michelle Chen  isn’t wearing flowers either, but she carries a bright bouquet near her feet.  Continue reading

Li Xiaolu for Marie Claire

Li Xiaolu begins 2014 with a bold statement in this photoshoot for Marie Claire. It’s already hard enough to imagine her having given birth (just one year ago!) and then breaking box office records in Feng Xiaogang’s currently airing Personal Tailor, but you’ll be expected to stretch your imagination a little more for her role in the upcoming Legend of the Ancient Sword, where she guest-stars as the male lead Li Yifeng’s (possibly frozen?) mother. (He’s definitely in young adult territory). More pictures below the cut.  Continue reading

Weibo Wednesday: kids special



The popularity of “Where are we going? Dad” have made all celebs more willing to show off their kids. Kids-based weibo’s of  Han Han, Vicki Zhao Wei, Yao Chen, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang, and Tian Liang and Zhang Liang.

First up is actor Jia Nailiang, of the currently-airing Best Time,  celebrating the 1-year-old birthday of his daughter with Li Xiaolu.

My goddess, my baby is a year old today, and I feel more happy than I would feel with a hundred of my own birthdays. The birthday of the child, a tiring day for the mom, Lulu, thank you for everything, I love you two.

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Photoshoot Friday: Light

As an apology for the recently sporadic appearances of Photoshoot Friday, have a double edition this week. Decked out in, or against white, which one of these celebs has your favorite photo shoot? Angelababy is comfy in simple white, while Jiang Xin‘s setting is more dressy. Li Xiaolu enters the scene with more color, while Yao Chen and Daniel Wu tango (?) in black and white. Hai Lu is sweet as she studies, while Christy Chung goes for a more glamorous look. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading