Dance drama Farewell My Concubine stuns on TV

Artist Liu Beili designed the stunning sets for the show

We’re finally blessed with a recorded version of dancer-choreographer Yang Liping’s dance drama Under Siege: Farewell, My Concubine 霸王别姬:十面埋伏 . The experimental dance drama, using Peking Opera and martial arts elements to tell the tale of the suicide of Xiang Yu and his concubine Lady Yu after a bitter defeat is absolutely stunning. The dancers for this shortened TV version are Li Xiang, Liu Jia, and Zhu Feiweng.

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(Mini) Photoshoot Friday: Dad, where are you?

Angela Wang and her mother Li Xiang‘s photoshoot for Bazaar is one of the cutest and sweetest I’ve seen – and if she’s is going to be dethroned by a new princess in Daddy? Season 2, she won’t be going down without a fight.  She’s definitely the star of this round-up.In the second photoshoot, she goes for a more casual look – sensible, since she’s painting, and working with the rather hyper Zhang Tiantian to boot.

No sign of Kimi or Shitou, but it turns out that Cindy is an artist too – there’s a little snippet of her studiously working too.  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: Dad, Where Are You?

I’m sad that none of these pictures have Cindy in them, but on the plus side, there are several with her parents, Tian Liang and Ye YiqianAngela Wang makes an appearance though, together with her parents Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang. Everyone’s favorite Shitou shows off how tough he is while he poses with father Guo Tao. Jimmy Lin looks smart in a suit – no Kimi to be seen, though. Zhang Liang‘s photo leaves us no doubt that he’s a model, with those long legs…But where’s Tian Tian? Having tea with Cindy?

Sorry, jjss08 is completely smitten with this series.

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“Summer flowers never last” releases posters

“They were born like the flowers of summer, but the flowers never last to see the end of summer.”

Part innocent incestuous childhood love, part mafia and police intrigue,  Summer flowers never last 花开半夏 brings together two top companies run by women  – Mango Films (Fall in Love) of host-producer-Angela’s-mom Li Xiang  and Rosat (New Dream of Red Chamber) of producer Li Xiaowan and director Li Shaohong. The series, based on the book of the same name, currently airs two episodes per day on Saturdays and Sundays on Hunan TV. 

Two orphans raised together, Ruhua (Li Qin) and Rufeng (Lin Shen) have depended on each other and their adopted grandmother for all their lives. As the two slowly realize they’ve developed feelings for each other, they’re also faced with the trials of life.  When Rufeng becomes caught in the mafia while trying to save their grandmother, their lives turn upside down.

 Zhang Jiani plays the daughter of the mafia boss who falls for Rufeng, while Yang Yang plays a fellow piano student at Ruhua’s college who befriends her despite differences in their social status.  Kan Qingzi likes Yang Yang, while Ma Xiaocan plays the daughter of the detective seeking to solve the mafia case, and she likes Lin Shen.

  More of the soft posters below the cut, and darker ones here.  

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Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang compete for cutest child-dad combo

Jimmy Lin and Kimi, not related to Qiao Renliang.

Cute fathers, cute children, cuteness overload! Following their success with the I am Singer remake, Hunan TV will remake MBC’s “Dad, Where are we going? 爸爸去哪儿” to replace Super Boys beginning next Friday. The reality show will feature five celebrity fathers – Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, ZHang Liang, Guo Tao and Wang Yuelun – as they go on adventures with their kids.

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