Promo Round-up: The Sword and The Brocade

The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 stars Wallace Chung and Tan Songyun as the leads who initially marry each other to secure a political union, yet eventually fall deeply in love with each other.

The 45 episode drama will release 2 episodes every night until March 3rd, then every Monday – Wednesday thereon.

Playlist of promos
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First look at Wallace Chung and Jiang Shuying’s upcoming romance drama


Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way 一路繁华相送 is based on Qingshan Luotuo’s novel of the same name, and follows a pair of first loves as they rekindle their relationship after a decade apart.

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Li Sheng is engaged to Li Jiahang, has colorful photoshoots


You know a relationship will go well when they’re fighting over who wears the beard.

Li Jiahang admitted this week that he indeed has successfully proposed to Li Sheng (not related). The pair is a rare recent celeb couple who has never played a couple.  I hope they fix that soon.

Also included are two photoshoots by Li Sheng, one in monochrome with Xu Liang and one from the Crayola factory.

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Weibo Wednesday: May 14, 2014

Lots of goodies in this Weibo round-up, including two dating announcements! But first, let’s kick it off with a few Mother’s Day posts, some touching and some silly…

Yu Haoming with mother

俞灏明: #世上只有妈妈好#妈妈的好,不仅仅在于生活中无微不至的照料,苦口婆心的叮嘱,以及义无反顾地默默支持.更难能可贵的是,每次合影都自觉向前冲,就为了衬得我的脸能稍小一点。大家说,哪儿还能找到这么好的妈妈…[泪]妈咪,母亲节快乐!我爱你!@热戴芋 @热戴芋霖

Meteor Shower actor Yu Haoming wrote a poignant message for his mother, who was with him every step of the way after he was injured in an explosion in 2010 when filming a drama with S.H.E’s Selina. After being hospitalized with numerous third-degree burns, his mother personally cooked every meal for him and brought it to the hospital for him to eat. Haoming shared in a recent interview that his mom is still in the habit of calling him a few times a day to check up on him.

And for those of you wondering what Haoming is up to, he just started filming a drama called Before the Rain (暴雨将至), which also stars Huang Zhizhong and Jordan Chan.

#In this world, only Mom is good# Mom’s goodness lies not only in her meticulous care in life, the urging of her patient persuasion, and her duty-bound silent support. Even more precious is that every time we take a picture, I will consciously rush onward, in order to make my face a little smaller. Everyone, where can you find such a good mother? Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

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Upcoming period drama news round-up

Zheng Shuang ready to start a fight over who’s prettier, her or Ma Tianyu.

After playing a quarreling duo in Legend of the Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭, Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu meet again for Gourmet Beauty 美人私房菜, a romantic comedy of food and beauty. More here. 

While we haven’t seen Hu Ge in a while, he’s been kept busy with dramas. He recently begun filming a lead role in the List of Langya 琅琊榜. Nicknamed the Chinese “The Count of Monte Cristo” and based on the book of the same name, the List of Langya is yet another epic directed by Kong Sheng of Chuang GuanDong. The series costars Liu Tao, Wang Kai, Jin Dong and Chen Long. Character drawings here. I’m so excited for this!!! Continue reading

“Flowers in Fog” releases microfilm

Ice cream + winter sweater = good combo!

Li Sheng and Zhang Rui of  Flowers in Fog join together once more to film a pretty side microfilm for the series, Smiling girl and silly boy. She has so far finished filming three other series –  Wine Beauty with Myolie Wu and Roy Qiu, a remake of Moment in Beiijng with Gao Ziqi, and ancient series 天地情缘 with Gao Yunxiang and Huang Ming.  He’s been awkwardly starring in sequels of the inferior Sui-Tang series while filming variety show Two Days and a Night.  More photos below the cut and here.

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Musical alert on “Flowers in Fog”!

What's better than awesome actors, Qiong Yao, and medieval castles combined? All those, plus dance numbers and music!

What’s better than medieval castles, awesome actors, and  Qiong Yao combined? All those, plus dance  and music!

Hunan TV’s “flower fields, ancient castle, romantic comedy drama” of the summer,  Flowers in Fog 花非花雾非雾,   definitely took me by surprise when in episode 2, a number of the main characters, music and dance students in France, broke out in choreographed dance and song.

Given that two of the leads, Zhang Rui and Li Sheng, play music students, they’re also prone to serenades.  The best thing is, both actors are actually really good singers and sings all their characters’s songs  themselves. Ruby Lin and Joo Jin-mo also find their romance through opera, but I don’t think they sing their own parts.

Watch Zhang Rui and company sing and dance in ep.2。 I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be more such scenes.

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“Flowers in Fog” releases love’s embrace posters

15 years after My Fair Princess/Huan Zhu Ge Ge, Ruby Lin returns to Qiong Yao for another shot at romance.

Drama “Flowers in Fog 花非花雾非雾” released posters for its main couples themed “love’s embrace.”  Starring Ruby Lin, Li Sheng, Zhang Rui, Wan Qian, Yang Zi, Yao Yuanhao, Deng Lun, Han Qiaoyu, Medina, Gao Ziqi, etc., the romantic mystery tale evolves around the lives of four orphans who were sworn sisters, but then were separated, with the eldest gone missing in France.

The series, formerly translated as “Like Flower Like Fog”, airs daily on Hunan TV beginning the 6th. Watch English-subbed trailers here.

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Photoshoot Friday: May 10, 2013

 photo 704_957704_806445_zpsf9db07a9.jpg

If you never caught on to Li Yuchun‘s androgynous appeal from her Supergirl days, you’ll get to see version 2 of it in her new shoot for ELLE. Jiang Yirong was unrecognizable to me at first in her “sexy black ropes” photoshoot, while Wallace Huo was (what else?) extremely handsome as he smouldered about…handsomely. Qi Wei wore the type of outrageous eyelashes that I love and idarklight thinks are weird. (Side with her. She’s the boss). Tong Dawei and Lin Dan make an attempt to even up the male vs. female factor with their shoots, while Li Sheng wears a springtime dress with folds that are to die for.

Still want more? The following celebs also got a few slides in the limelight: Zhang Liwei, Chen Sisi, Song Jia, Dong Xuan, Shao Bin, Lu Hong Continue reading