Weibo Wednesday: February 10, 2016

Ruby Lin with giant pizza
林心如: 這麼大!是想逼死誰[馋嘴][馋嘴][馋嘴]

A belated Happy Chinese New Year to all of our beloved Cfensi readers! Who else stuffed themselves silly with delicious food? It looks like Ruby Lin did too, although I hope y’all had better food than pizza. (I mean, no offense to pizza, which I love, but it just can’t compare with good Chinese food.)

So big! Who do you want to hound to death?


The Classic of Mountains and Seas releases more stills

Laugh at my  guy-liner and I will shoot.
Laugh at my guy-liner and I will shoot.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas has released more stills starring Zhang HanGulinazha, Kenny Kwan, Lan Yingying (from The Legend of Zhen Huan), Li Chao, Gao Weiguang, Gao Junxian, and Wu Lei.  I have to say that the costumes and sets so far are a nice balance in that they aren’t too cheap looking but aren’t elaborate to the point of almost becoming tacky.

More stills below the cut. (more…)

Zhang Han heads the star mansions in The Classic of Mountains and Seas

I knew there was a reason why I haven’t switched to Chrome …

After all the female twins and lookalikes we have in the industry, it’s about time for another male one. Zhang Han plays the loyal general to Gulinazha’s Princess Su Mo while also the enchanting Firefox (the star, not the browser) to Lan Yingying’s Princess Fu’er.  Joining Zhang Han among the star mansions of  The Classic of Mountains and Seas: Legend of the Scarlet Shadow 山海经之赤影传说 include ex-Top Combine member Li Mao, Kenny Kwan, little Yang Guo Wu Lei,Matthew Ko, Gao Weiguang,  etc.

Character posters below the cut. The costumes are rich with details and quite creative in design. I’m a big fan of the designs on Zhang Han’s yellow outfit and Matthew Ko’s outfit in general.


News round-up


  • Former Marvel CEO, Shanghai Film Group  to create Terracotta super hero.
  • Production set for US-China coproduction The Moon and the Sun starring Fan Bingbing as a mermaid captured to the court of 17th century France.
  • Ann Hui’s The Golden Era releases posters. The bioepic on author Xiao Hong stars Tang Wei, Feng Shaofeng.


  • Yang Mi is three months pregnant with Hawick Lau’s kid.
  • Tong Liya, Chen Sicheng  hold a traditional wedding on Happy Camp
  • Top Combine former member Li Mao joins Huace (New Duke of Mount Deer, Semi-gods and demi-devils) ,  stars with BBFF’s 70 in a self-made film Joker.
  • Lee Jinglei bakes cookies, I wish Wang Leehom was hugging me.


Modern dramas round-up

Round-up of recent modern series we haven’t had time to post on, including Love Shine, One Karat of Dreams, Little Daddy, Love on Tiptoe, Fiancée, and Best Time.

Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen
Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen

Love on Tiptoe  踮起脚尖吻到爱
Aspiring manager (Yao Di) finds a distraught former model (Kim) at her doorsteps, causing a string of events that shockingly ends in love. If nothing else, model Pei Bei is gorgeous here. The series airs 3 eps on weekdays and 2 eps on weekends. (more…)