Park Hae-jin, Li Fei’er, Wu Lei form a family in Faraway Love

Baby Wu Lei!

The tragedy of a baby Wu Lei in puberty is that he grows up so fast.

If you wanted to catch up on baby Wu Lei, Faraway Love 远得要命的爱情 is your chance!  Li Fei’er plays a single parent who all of a sudden finds love with a CEO (Park Hae-jin)  and an old classmate (model Zhang Lunshuo).    Wu Lei plays the sweetheart son who can sometimes be angsty. The series was filmed back in 2013 but is only airing now. Oh, how he’s grown.  Also, the female antagonist is Song Yi.

Photoshoot Friday: Dark

See the rest of Jiang XIn’s photo shoot a few sets below the cut.

Who makes you want to buy jewelry from Bazaar more, Jiang Xin or Angelababy? Jiang Xin has some lovely photos in this set. She, like Tang Wei, is dressed in a somewhat vintage style; others, like Zhang Zilin, Zhang Ziyi, and Jing Tian deck out in long and sweeping dresses. Tong Liya looks like a lady, while Yang Mi wears a few more wedding dresses. Li Fei’er goes for a more sultry look, while the only male Wei Chen looks like a member of the Lost Generation (to me).

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Photoshoot Friday: August 16, 2013


This week in the petting zoo…

Saturday August 17, 2013 is International Homeless Animals’ Day. Though I don’t think there are many homeless horse running around in the big city near you, but the natural beauty of Li Fei’er is too good to pass up. To represent the disproportion of homeless felines compare other animals in the homeless shelter, this week’s photoshoot Friday has more puppies than kitties. Showing off their love for kittens are Jin Sha, Zhang Hanyun, and Wang Luodan. And on the puppy side we have Zhang Jiani, Huang Haibo, Qi Wei, and Liu Ye.

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Music Monday: May 6, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Let shake off that Monday Blue with a little dance. Girl group 7Sense released the rehearsal version of the choreography for their upcoming single “Passion Petal“; The new single is another Zhong Guo Feng choreography incorporating fan. I hope the MV for this single will be much better than the one for “Spring Chant“. Watch the choreography below.
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