“Legendary Di Renjie” releases another trailer

This is historical period-discrimination!!  You can’t make ALL Tang dynasty dramas have big heads!!

Legendary Di Renjie, starring Ren Jialun, Kan Qingzi, Andy Chen Yi, Jiao Junyan, and Theresa Fu. has released another trailer because one is not enough.  Watch and let me know how many props from other dramas you can spot.  So far, I am seeing some pieces from Ruby Lin’s own Young Detective Dee and even a piece from The Empress of China.  What else can you spot?

More stills below the cut.

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Legendary Di Renjie releases stills

Ummm… are you sure those eyes are yours?

You guessed it!  We’re in for another Di Renjie drama!!  At two movies and now two dramas, he’s really raking in the popularity recently.  Legendary Di Renjie stars Ren Jialun, Kan Qingzi, Jiao Junyan, Andy Chen, Theresa Fu, etc.

This drama follows Empress Wu Zetian, Emperor Gaozongand Di Renjie on his various exploits covering cases from the Buddhist Monastery to the events leading to the deposing of Empress Wang to plots to usurp the throne.

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