Music Monday: May 27, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)
Here to make Monday a little easier =)

You know you’re getting old when half of the singers on your playlist are younger than you. This week’s Music Monday features a total of 7 post-90s groups/singers. But first Bibi…

Vase and Flower 花樽与花”, the bonus track on Bibi Zhou‘s new album UNLOCK, is the Cantonese version of her single “Secret Friends 密友”. The MV is produced by Bibi’s newly established studio, Begins Studio.

This week I’m trying out soundcloud for the first time for recently released mp3 (more…)

Music Monday: May 13, 2013

Mondays are always hard...
Mondays are always hard…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! In honor of Mother’s Day, it is only appropriate to start this post with a song dedicated to mommy. But should I post the traditional “Lu Bing Hua“, which has been performed by people like Jane Zhang and Top Combine, or should I post something more modern, like Jay Chou’s “Listen to Mom” or Vanness Wu’s “Mama“? But then I stumped across this song by Kindergarten Killer (ft. Shen Yi and PD Doggy). “Stars Don’t Talk“, which sounds like the name of a lullaby, is from Kindergarten Killer’s second street album Sketch This City. There is also a solo version of the song here.