Qiao Zhenyu, Gillian Chung for Ancient Sword

Qiao Zhenyu is too pretty

Qiao Zhenyu’s face is sufficient reason for you to watch this.

Li Yifeng must have it really hard when both of the other two male leads are so much prettier than him. This week, we feature Qiao Zhenyu and Gillian Chung, the once happily married couple of currently-airing series The Legend of Ancient Sword.  Qiao Zhenyu plays one of the two titular characters of the first game, the current life of an immortal master musician punished to the human world and caught in the wheel of reincarnation.  In the process, his soul was split into four horcruxes parts, and the loss made him slowly lose his memory and rationality as he seeks to be whole again.

Stills of Qiao Zhenyu and Gillian Chung below the cut, and Qiao Zhenyu trailer below. Can you spot the Zhang Meng among the stills?

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Li Yifeng, Li Xiaolu, Yang Mi in first of Ancient Sword MV’s

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.33.01 PM

“Come out, damned spot! Out, I command you! “

Upcoming super cast Legend of Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭 released the first of a series of songs.   This theme to one of the two titular characters,  Baili Tusu (nicknamed Susu), is sung by Li Yifeng and written by Lu Hu. The MV  focuses on Susu’s relationship with his mother (Li Xiaolu) and love interest (Yang Mi).

In addition, the OST cast has been announced to feature an all-star cast of Anson Hu, Yu Kewei, Jeff Chang, and Zhang Jie. I can see this easily being one of the best OST’s outside of ee-Media.

The title of the song, 剑伤 (literally Sword Wounds), is a double reference to wounds caused by the Sword and wounds of the Sword as embodied by Li Yifeng’s character.