Weibo Wednesday: January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year is coming up! What have our favorite celebs been up to in the two weeks leading up to this important holiday?

王力宏: 介紹一對餅乾夫妻給大家認識

First off, we have the result from Wang Leehom and wife Lee Jinglei‘s baking session… aren’t they cute? Maybe all the recently announced and/or married show biz couples should just get together one day and bake cookies. :P

Introducing a cookie couple to everyone.


Weibo Wednesday: December 4, 2013

陈晓: 我已经沦陷,小小龙女问我,你演谁啊,其实我演谁都不重要,我是来求合照的,Mua!

Chen Xiao fans, you officially have the right to be jealous. Here he is with child actress Zhang Zimu, who’s playing the little-girl version of Xiaolongnü in The Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)… yet another of Yu Zheng’s added flashback plots. But she’s cute so I guess it’s okay. Plus Chen Xiao is already smitten with her.

I’ve already fallen into enemy hands. Little Xiaolongnü asked me, ‘Who are you playing?’ Actually it doesn’t matter who I’m playing, I’m here to ask to take a picture with her. Mua!