Photoshoot Friday: May 3, 2013

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Isn’t Tong Liya adorable here? The rest of her shoot is more sophisticated and dreamy; look at it below the cut! The actress is currently leading in the television adaption of Aftershock. Meanwhile, Liu Shishi (Desert Melody is still stalled with SARFT, it seems, hooray! unfortunately). Laure Shang tosses in the black-and-white elegance for this round-up, though she’s got competition from Li Qin (the actress is posing for Chic! Elegance, after all!). Li Qin is currently filming new modern idol series The Heiress Returns 千金归来 with Li Yifeng and Li Wei. Zhao Liying‘s drama with Chen Xiao, Female Prime Minister, is finally coming out this weekend; fittingly, she’s smiling very sweetly in this post. Asides from that, Tang Wei is also in this post; no sign of any men, though… Continue reading

Laure Shang releases new Cantonese song Asura

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Laure Shang in Paris Fashion Week

English, French, and now Cantonese. It seems like we simply won’t hear her in mandarin for a while. Maybe Shanghainese is next?

As a part of her upcoming album “Hello, World,” singer  Laure Shang released a Cantonese version of her self-composed Love Warrior, this time named Asura. I like the Cantonese version much better than the English version, which one do you like better?

Laure Shang releases new album


In her most impressive album so far, Laure Shang Wenjie brings out the richness of her voice in TimeLady. Thanks to Jane leaving, Laure took over basically half of all Huayi’s theme songs. Of the ten songs in her new album, five are movie/TV series theme songs, and one is the theme for a commercial. While it’s sad that Jane couldn’t have sung some of them, they make Laures’s album quite exceptional.

You can and definitely should  listen to her whole album by copy and pasting the following onto your browser:
Make sure you continue and listen to all the songs. Her voice is beautiful.

Amis – lyrics by Laure Shang:

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Huayi Stars sing live wonderfully and terribly

It’s times like this when you learn to appreciate the difference between a good voice and an average one, and the value of hardwork. Laure Shang Wenjie’s voice definitely stood out as the one gifted with a beautiful voice. Even Cong Haonan, a decent singer normally (and from Sichuan Conservatory of Music, too), made me annoyed when him singing meant the end of Laure’s segment.

Then there’s the contrast between Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing. Neither were born singers, but from his other recent live and this, it’s obvious he’s been through major practicing. Li Bingbing obviously haven’t, but that’s forgivable since she’s not a singer.
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Sodagreen’s Qingfeng Composes for Laure Shang


I’m disappointed how precipitously Sodagreen’s album dropped on Taiwan’s G-Billboard charts. From 1 to 7…I don’t get it. Anyway, Sodagreen’s Qingfeng has been composing all over the Greater China region apparently. First for Taiwanese artists, then recently for Eason Chan, and most recently, and surprisingly for mainland’s Laure Shang, who is right now Hua Yi’s top female artist (after Jane left). This is the first time I’ve actually heard of a famous Taiwanese artist composing for a mainland singer so that’s  pretty awesome.

I didn’t really like the sound quality of the video; to listen to a HQ version go here (you have to copy and paste):

Laure’s voice sounds so so much better there.

Laure Shang – Cpop’s French connection

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Super Girl winner Laure Shang Wenjie is going back to her French roots this month with her translated novel of La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh and a French song that she wrote the lyrics for. Laure will also hold her own symphonic concert on January 9th in Shanghai.

A La Claire Fontaine, showcasing her gorgeous voice in French and Chinese:

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