Music Monday: Super Vocals

Super Vocal 声入人心 is Hunan TV’s third variety show to focus on the voice (more specifically bel canto in this case) as an instrument after The Sound and Phanta City

36 music students / singers / musical actors alternate between being apprentice and cover based on recommendations from producers Liao Changyong, Henry Lau and Shang Wenjie. The final 6 apprentices will go on a national concert tour and release a full album at the conclusion of the show.

(Playlist of my favourites so far)

Fresh boyband wants to be a better person everyday


Aiming to be the most commercial boyband ever, Fresh has sponsorships from H & M, Nike, and Mashama for their debut MV.

Tired of the clearly adopted children of Korean-Chinese boybands that have been popping up all over the music scene?    The latest boyband from  the last person you would think is into boybands (aka Laure Shang) Fresh goes instead for a more European fee.    Their MV reminds me a lot of One Direction, and I kind of like how happy this song is compared to the dance route that most boyband debuts have gone.

What do you think?

The Making of a Beauty features white-haired Yang Rong, will air in September

Yang Rong is incredulous that some dramas (ie, Desert Melody) get held back for years, and Making of a Beauty is broadcasting within a month.

Now that Fan Bingbing’s White Haired Witch (of Lunar Kingdom) has been broadcasted, Yang Rong can take a shot at the title. Featuring Jin Shijia, Dilireba, Kenny Kwan, Kristy Yang, Li Xin’ai, Luo Jin, Sheren Tang, Su Qing, Wang Li’ke, Yuan Shanshan, and Zhang Tian’ai, Yu Zheng’s upcoming production The Making of a Beauty continues to release stills.

Laure Shang Wenjie performs the theme song (listen to it on Youtube here) for the drama, “Waiting for Waist-long Hair 待我长发及腰 (wait for my hair to grow to my waist).” (Zhang Jie is supposed to sing another, Listen 听).

Incredibly, this drama (which began filming this July), will be broadcast on Hunan TV every Sunday…beginning September 7th!? in Paranormal Adonis’ time slot (source). More stills below the cut.  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: Florals

This photo was left out of the set when it was first released (others from that photoshoot can be found here) but I couldn’t pass it up.

LI Xiaolu looks awfully like Tong Liya in one of her stills, but Tong Liya herself makes an appearance too. So does Ni Ni, in pink and framed by an orchid (and, as seen from this cover photo, as beautiful as ever); Liu Yun has flowers hanging to her long veil. Laure Shang Wenjie wears a floral print against plenty of blue light; Qiao Qiao and Zhang Jingchu aren’t actually wearing flowers, but they’ve sneaked in anyways. Michelle Chen  isn’t wearing flowers either, but she carries a bright bouquet near her feet.  Continue reading

Laure Shang believes “Love Changes Love”

Laure Shang Weijie 尚雯婕 recently released her brand new album 《Graceland恩赐之地》. For the music video of her second single Love Changes Love 越爱越明白 Shang collaborated with Swedish photographer Rikkard Häggbom.

Compare to her previous single The Star, which took an a fantasy wonderland feel, this music video took a more vintage and reminiscent feel. Shang and her team traveled to various location in Northern Europe, Iceland, and Sweden to create the vintage feel needed for this black and white music video. Some colored stills from the shoot. Continue reading

Laure Shang lights up dreams in “The Star”

The Star

Do you remember your  childhood  dreams?

As a part of the “Firefly Project” that aims to light up areas unreached by electricity supply, Laure Shang sings of the innocence of childhood her self-composed song of “The Star.”   The song praises the pure and carefree dreams of children, and ends asking the listener to lay in bed once more to look to the stars and remember their truest selves, the child within them that has yet gotten lost in the outside world.  Also listen to the live version with Hua Chenyu here, where he literally lights up.

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Super Boy 2013: Xi’an and Chengdu Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

Is it me or are they are really rushing Super Boy 2013? Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing, and Hangzhou selections were aired in four consecutive days. First up Xi’an and Chengdu.

In Xi’an, judges Laure Shang, Cai Guoqing, and Peng Jiahui (I’m A Singer) requested an extra pass card, making it the first region to pass additional members into nationals. Watch Superboy Liu Xin working his summer job in Xi’an on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel here. In Panda Town Chengdu, we saw Cai Guoqing being left out in the cold while Chen Kun and Tao Chingying flirts like it’s nobody’s business. I think the judge’s interaction (or maybe it’s just Chen Kun’s perfection) made this episode much more enjoyable. You can watch Chen Kun’s courtship of Tao Chingying on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel here.
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Super Boy 2013: Changsha & Guangzhou Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

So I didn’t have time to keep up with new music releases last week, but I did take time out of my weekend to watch Superboys 2013. Why did I take time out of my study sessions busy party schedule to watch this show you ask? It’s like Laure Shang said in the intro, the alumni from Supergirls/boys make up majority of today’s mainland music scene.

Starting with a simple dream, these young talents went on to become award winning singers, working hard on their dancing skills, crafting beautiful compositions (I’m not only talking about Lu Hu or Ma Xueyang), trying their hands in acting, and opening their own production studios. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to witness and support their struggles and growths from the beginning. You can watch Changsha and Guangzhou episodes on HNTV’s official youtube channel. Go below the cut for highlight performances. Continue reading