Huang Xiaoming, Chen Qiao’en Dazzle in “Cruel Romance”

What the majority of us will probably look like while watching this drama… except not as pretty-looking.

Huang Xiaoming and Joe Chen Qiao’en recently finished filming for Cruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险), a Republican-era romantic drama that takes place in Shanghai and tells the love story of country girl Rong Jinxiu (Qiao’en) and triad leader Zuo Zhen (Xiaoming). We still have a way to go until an air date is announced, although a cast member said on Weibo that he expected the drama to air in September. In the meantime, tide yourself over with an action-packed trailer and some newly released stills.

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Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao’en Engage in a “Cruel Romance”

If you were Chen Qiao’en, would you pick Huang Xiaoming or Kimi Qiao?

We weren’t supposed to see Huang Xiaoming star in a drama after he did Dark Fragrance (暗香) in 2009, but then Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) came along, and then he got the chance to film The Patriot Yue Fei (精忠岳飞). Now he’s back to 1930s Shanghai with his currently filming drama, Cruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险), which also stars Taiwanese actress Joe Chen Qiao’en.

Based on a novel by Nian Yi, Cruel Romance is the risky love story of Zuo Zhen (Huang Xiaoming) and Rong Jinxiu (Chen Qiao’en). This will be their second collaboration after Xiaoming’s guest appearance in Breaking the Waves (激浪青春), which does not appear to have ever aired in theaters, and Xiaoming’s first drama after he won this year’s Best Actor at both the Golden Rooster Awards and the Huabiao Awards.

Cruel Romance will also feature appearances from Kimi Qiao Renliang, mainland actress Lv Jiarong (Schemes of a Beauty, Swordman), Hong Kong actor Gardner Tse (The Mad Phoenix), and mainland actor Qi Ji (The Last Tycoon). Check behind the cut for the drama’s first batch of stills.
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Qiao Renliang, Zhao Liying together for Bazaar Movie

Qiao Renliang and Zhao Liying may be posing together here, but it’s Chen Xiao who gives us the ship tease.

Recently, Zhao Liying and Qiao Renliang posed together for a photoshoot with Bazaar Movie (more pictures under the cut). Kimi Qiao Renliang wrote a weibo about it:

“Thanks to @Fashion BAZAAR! @Zhao Liying We time-traveled into the present to shoot for this big movie, enjoying air conditoning, drinking red wine; at the moment, we haven’t ordered (nor do we plan to order) tickets back…so, your highness King of Changguan @ Chen Xiao, you’ll have to take care of the court politics; I’ll take care of A’Zhen…
– the previous emperor
@Yu Zheng Is there a problem?”

Chen Xiao’s reply was a ship tease:

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Who’s the fairest of them all?

Huang Xiaoming’s triad boss in the Shanghai Bund is so handsome, he can’t resist trying to hit on himself. Too bad the triad boss looks so murderous.

With the recent drama Prince of Orchid Hills/Lanling Wang coming to an end, most viewers have already reconciled themselves with Feng Shaofeng’s pretty-boy general. But on that note, which other actors might have made a convincing case for feminine beauty? (Sorry, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. I can’t look at your female forms without wanting to laugh). Take a look below to see a selection cross-dressing men in Chinese entertainment. Wallace Huo dresses up as a Victorian lady (and puckers up for a kiss as his wuxia counterpart stares in disbelief). Nicolas Tse sports two braids and what looks like a schoolgirl outfit.  Throw in Tony Leung, Du Haitao, Sammul Chan, Li Yugang, and Eason Chan, and it’s a field day – you’ll find a list of contenders to be the fairest of them all.  

Although, if you’ll remember this music video  (where Ma Tianyu, after being ditched by Deng Sha for her best friend on their wedding day, dresses up as a woman to seduce the said girlfriend, in the end winning back his own fiance/girlfriend…) you’ll know who the winner is before we even begin.  Update: Chen Xiao (giving Ma Tianyu a run for his money), Kimi Qiao Renliang, and Jimmy Lin have joined our list of crossdressers. Du Haitao has a real schoolgirl costume, replete with little flowers in his hair… Continue reading

China’s favorite detective timetravels for “New Detective Squad”


What truer love is there than between a sociopath of a detective and his loyal sidekick?

Following Sherlock’s timetravelling to modern day London and New York, China’s favorite detective (sorry, Dee) also chose to get a taste of modernity in “New Detective Squad 新神探联盟.”  Set in an alternate universe Republican era, the Nesound-produced detective series again features the lovely trio of Judge Bao (Zhang Duo), his OCD bickering pal Gongsun Ce (Wang Kai), and their martial arts trained eyecandy sidekick Zhan Zhao (George Hu). Joining them are Kimi Qiao Renliang  and Li Xinru as villains, and Zhang Li as the doctor.

The trailer for the series fais to depict the cuteness of the characters:

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Gorgeous Cast of Queen of SOP II


Dare I say, the cast of Queen of SOP II is even better looking than the cast of Tiny Times.

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are back with the second installment of the Queen of SOP series. In this series, Zheng Shuang will be playing a double role, similar to Janine Chang’s role in Fairytale in Half. The cast of Queen of SOP II also include a second male lead I can’t find any information on Di Jie (狄杰), Jessie Chiang, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and MC turn actor Sun Xiaoxiao.

Some of you may have noticed that while Zhang Han have been busy filming various dramas since Meteor Show, Zheng Shuang have been MIA, occasionally reappearing to support Zhang Han in his dramas. But this year will be different, Zheng Shuang decided (or maybe forced by her company) to venture out on her own – she’s currently filming Mystical Sword (古剑奇谭) with Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Qiao Zhenyu, and Ma Tianyu. Zheng Shuang have also been cast as the female lead in Jiang Hua Yi Jiu (江淮依旧) alongside Perter Ho. And apparently, there will be a Meteor Show 3 this year.

Watch the trailer below and pretty concept photo/stills below the cut.
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Weibo Wednesday: July 10, 2013

乔任梁: 最直接表达爱的方式?当然是〜KISS!国际接吻日#要kiss 要出色#,别羞涩你的爱,在剩下的6小时里,你想吻的Ta是?、、、天黑请闭眼!

July 6th was International Kissing Day! Which means we all get this adorable picture of Kimi Qiao being all kissy-kissy with a kitty cat.

The most direct way to express love? Of course it’s a KISS! International Kissing Day. #if you kiss, it must be outstanding# Don’t be shy about your love. In the remaining 6 hours, who is the one you want to kiss? …It’s getting dark, please close your eyes!

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Kimi Qiao’s Austria Vacation Photos


Kimi Qiao Renliang took a much needed vacation at the end of 2012, but his European vacation also doubled as a business trip. Kimi was picked by the Austrian National Tourist Office to perform “You are Beautiful“, a song to promote Austria as an ideal vacation destination. Upon his return from the trip, Kimi quickly returned to his busy schedule; He released a brand new album “Pin.K”, and starred in a new microfilm “Le Chao” for Jeanswest.

Kimi also starred in Yu Zheng’s new drama, Female Prime Minister 陆贞传奇, which I totally recommend. There are three other dramas that Kimi starred in, which have yet to air. The first being the drama version of Tiny Times 小时代, which already have it’s own viki sub team. Kimi will be plays the part of Zhou Chongguang; He will star alongside Peter Ho, Ivy Chen (Black & White), Li Yifeng, Jiang Kaitong, and Yang Yang. The other two dramas are New Detective Squad 新神探联盟 and SOP Queen II 胜女的时代/Sheng Nv De Shi Dai (starring Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang). Continue reading

“SOP Queen 2 : The Queen’s Epoch” male cast photoshoot


I bet Zhang Han wishes “H4” of Meteor Shower were rich enough to dress like this.

The wonderfully crafted SOP Queen continues its  trend of great fashion and stylists, wonderful eye-candy, and fanciness all around  in the follow-up drama  胜女的时代.

After an one-year hiatus, Zheng Shuang finally  returns to work, this time playing a pair of twins who were separated at birth, as all twins are. Talented but coming from a simple background, Zhang Han’s role was (shock) in love with Zheng Shuang’s wealthy twin.  When the two planned to runaway together to escape her arranged marriage, she dies on the way to meet him and her younger twin is brought in to act as her. Shocked by the seeming-betrayal, Zhang Han plots revenge but can’t help falling in love with the younger twin. Continue reading

“Resurrection” of Kimi Qiao under Warner Music

Kimi Qiao‘s rocker image from his earlier years have all but faded from people’s mind, as he have become more know for his drama and movie roles than his music in the past 3 years. However, Kimi is making a comeback to the music scene with a yet untitled new album and a new company; by signing with Warner Music Kimi hopes to concentrate more on his original passion, which is music. He is now under the same label as superstars such as Jolin Tasi, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, and Khalil Fong.
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