Kim Junghoon to team up with BoBo duo for New Drama?


Kimg Junghoon is probably one of my favorite Korean actors, though not really so much for his acting skills. His smile, personality and intelligence is what makes him attractive. His appeal also transcends national boundaries as he has a fairly substantial music career in Japan, and a budding acting career in China. Just from that alone you know he’s intelligent since Japan’s music industry is very lucrative and China’s actors get paid fairly well, whereas Korea’s drama actors are getting salary cuts.

His first drama in China is Liang Ai Bing Fa or Art of War. Towards the end of a long article about a press conference for it and how it is doing well ratings-wise in China, a note was made that Kim Junghoon will next be making a drama with Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran, aka BoBo. Despite the fact that I like BoBo a lot, I have to say, this is kind of a downgrade from the awesome Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu (his costar in Lian Ai Bing Fa), whose charm also transcends national boundaries. But there’s hope yet…the leading lady is still being cast.

Edit: And yeah, I’m very disappointed that disappointed that BoBo didn’t win best group at whichever award ceremony they were nominated at. The boy’s fans need to stop killing this group slowly but surely.