Music Monday: July 6, 2015

There’s only one song I liked this week, and it’s  the previously posted M.I.C.‘s Only One (see what I did there?).   Lorry recommends this Mandopop playlist  for non-mainland Cpop. Anyone else have recommendations?

Zhang Jie won last week’s vote  for the third week in a row with his duet for with Karen Mok for Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

Music Monday: June 27, 2015

This is the first time where the leader kept switching places. It went from Zhang Bichen’s Nianlun to M.I.C.’s theme for the drama that is still never going to air before settling on Zhang Jie‘s Truth.    Also, I really need someone to convince me that Wang Hao is not planning to host drug parties because everything about his store from their slogan to logo to the trap music screams Chinese-entertainment-ban-for-life.

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Amazing collaborations mark this year’s “China Music Awards


Jane: Are you sure you’re not just doing this to divert attention from you and Li Yundi?

Amongst love rivals beating each other up backstage and protestors picketing outside, hopefully this year’s “China Music Awards” will be remembered for the performances of some of cpop’s top musicians instead.  There are so many exciting collaborations, from the expected Jane Zhang and Wang Leehom, to the surprising Zhang Ziyi and Jay Chou, to random pairs like Zhang Jie and Angela Zhang, or the brilliant duet by Karen Mok and Li Yuchun.

My personal favorite  –  Li Yuchun and Karen Mok’s “Roses”

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Patricia Field becomes Stylist Consultant for “Du Lala’s Promotion”


China’s film market growing in size means that you now have enough money to hire famous crew. While I normally would rather these jobs go to rising Chinese artists, so that the industry can actually build up talent, who can say no to Patricia Field? She’s the stylist for Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, etc. She flew from New York to Beijing in order to be a consultant for the movie, Du Lala’s Promotion, an adaptation of a very popular novel in China, and the much publicized directorial comeback of actress-director-screenwriter Xu Jinglei.

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading

Small S: Instant Zhang Ziyi Fan at Elle Style Awards

This more or less perfunctory type event was given a little jolt by Taiwan TV personality Small S, or Dee Hsu. As Zhang Ziyi, who was next to last to receive an award, made her way up to the podium, Small S exclaimed, “It’s her, It’s her! This is the first time I saw her with my own eyes!”

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8th Chinese Music Media Awards: Indie Singers Win Big

Music awards can be given out rather liberally in the Greater Chinese-speaking region, and sometimes, it’s simply a popularity contest. But the Music Media Awards has always been classy, always recognized some of the best talent out there, and this time they gave the recognition not to idols, not to mainstream talent, but to some of the best indie. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream popular music, but it’s still pretty nice to see these artists get recognition at a major awards event. In honor of this, I’ll be adding some of the winner’s songs to the music box on the main page.

Peng Tan, winner of Best Mandarin Newcomer

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Anson Hu, Farenheit, and Karen Mok at Asian Song Festival

The three representatives from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong respectively were all winners at the annual Asian Song festival, held in Korea, where everyone is a winner and the “Best Asian artist”. Not very interesting I know. The real story is Calvin’s hair. How did he end up looking like this:

when he could look like this? I’ll never understand boyband fashion stylists.

And yet it’s completely mesmerizing. I can’t stop looking at his head.

As for Anson, I can’t even find picture proof that he was at this thing. Maybe he was too embarrassed to be surrounded by idol groups spanning across all of Asia. Or he knew he just couldn’t compete. Both may be true.