Register for The Voice of China auditions (the real one, not the fake ones)

Bye bye, Harlem. We won't miss your sleeveless tees. Oh, those sleeveless tees...

Bye bye, Harlem. We won’t miss your sleeveless tees. Oh, those sleeveless tees…

There have been reports of fake Voice of China auditions taking place in parts of Northeast China, where hopeful singers were charged a fee to perform before a panel of equally fake “producers.” The scam was apparently incredibly realistic, with official Voice of China and sponsorship logos adorning the set and promotional materials, and even a replica of the iconic “V” hand statue. The real producers of the show issued a reminder that Voice of China auditions are always free to enter.

Already registered for The Voice of China 2014 auditions? No? Well, why not?
Online registrations for the upcoming Voice of China season opened earlier this month. If your excuse for not signing up is that you were too busy waiting for the I Am A Singer finale, but were so disappointed by its execution that you lost faith in reality singing contests altogether… then you’re excused. For everyone else, get your applications in. More details below.

The third season of the top-rated singing show is scouring for new mentors after the departure of Harlem Yu. Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau reportedly declined the RMB30 million (US$4.8 million) offer to fill the swivel chair, citing scheduling conflicts with filming Huayi Brothers’ next movie, Lost and Lonely 失孤. Wang Leehom, with concerts, film promotions and an album release later this year, also turned down the role. Rumours now suggest Taiwanese industry veteran Jonathan Lee is in talks to replace Harlem.

Need motivation to audition for The Voice? Yao Beina, second-season contestant and “Let It Go” singer, commands appearance fees in the seven-figures (RMB1,000,000 = US$160,000). And she didn’t even make it into the finals, so how about that. If you want to be the next her, here’s what you have to do: Continue reading

Highlights from Dragon TV New Year Concert 2013-2014


The New Year concert on Dragon TV 东方卫视, Shanghai based television channel, is another must watch concert. The show featured Chinese Idol contestants, Han Hong 韩红, actor/singer/judge Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 PKing singer/actor/MC Show Luo 罗志祥. Also in attendance is Taiwanese girl idol women musical group S.H.E, going into their 13th year together and still going strong even as married women (Ella 陈嘉桦 and Selina 任家萱). It wouldn’t be a party without some pretty faces – representing the girls is Shanghai based theater girl group SNH48, and representing the dudes is SM boybands Super Junior-M and EXO-M. The concert also featured special performances from Richie Ren 任贤齐 and Jonathan Lee 李宗盛.

As if that’s not enough incentive to watch the show, just look at this 3D (4D?) light show during the new year countdown!! The full new year concert is available on the official Dragon TV affiliated youtube channel in three parts here, here, and here.

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Tsui Hark and Zhang Yuqi attend Joe Cheng’s Play


I apologize up front for calling Design for Living Joe Cheng’s play, but he is probably the draw for a lot of people, and probably the person most people know, at least for those who come to this site. For the famous people in attendance however, the big draw was mostly Sylvia Chang, a veteran director in Taiwan. The director and one of the lead actresses of “Not All Women are Bad” were spotted attending the play Design for Living in Beijing. Taiwanese music mogul Jonathan Lee (Fusion’s management), and Chinese sixth generation director Tian Zhuangzhuang were also in attendance.

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Fusion Band Will be Performing at People’s University

Yes, this is an indie-filled day. This is another “indie” band I’ve wanted to post on for a long time and today there was finally a bit of news on them even though it wasn’t much. They will be in Beijing on 12-6 performing at People’s University for 800. Fusion, for those who haven’t heard of them are a four 1985-born guys who became the first mainlanders that Taiwanese music mogul Jonathan Lee signed in 2006. They’re more known outside China than in I feel in (you can buy their album at YesAsia, probably only because it was recced by their company), and they’ve not really been promoted very well at all. I’m not sure that this latest gig of theirs is going to do them any favors but at least they are active. Somewhat.

Their band’s leader singer Leakey and the blonde guy, Tao write almost all of their songs although one track in their debut album was written by A-yue Chang, which is the one I’m posting a video of since the other song with MV wasn’t one of their best, imo. At least you can get a sense of their style and Leakey’s unique vocals. A-yue Chang raps in the vid too.