Acting? The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie has an open casting call


Malaysian-born Australian model/musician Josh Kua seems like a shoo-in for the role of billionaire heir Nick Young.

Crazy Rich Asians, the best-selling Kevin Kwan novel, is getting a big screen adaption and director Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3D, Now You See Me 2) is on the lookout for acting talent.

The romantic-dramedy follows the story of Nick Young, a handsome, young, British-educated, Singaporean billionaire, and his Chinese-American girlfriend, Rachel, who only discovers his wealth during a trip together to Singapore.

This may sound like an Asian Fifty Shades of Grey, but I promise I’ve never seen Fifty Shades of Grey before, so I can’t tell you for sure. (Though, I’ve been assured that Crazy Rich Asians is substantially different to the Valentine’s-Day-release-date film trilogy.)

The casting directors are looking for English-speaking actors and actresses who can play Chinese-Singaporean or Asian characters, and are turning to social media in search of the best amateur or professional talent. The Warner Brothers production will be the “first all-Asian cast for an American Hollywood studio in a long, long time,” says Chu.

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Volunteer: Your chance to touch hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars’ worth of Guo Pei’s haute couture designs (and earn college credit for it)

To be honest, they're probably not going to let you touch the masterpieces.

To be honest, they’re probably not going to let you touch the nice things.

Designs by China’s leading fashion designer will feature in the F4D & First Ladies Luncheon charity fashion show in New York later this month, and event organisers Miro Door are looking for volunteers.

Guo Pei is best known in the West for creating Rihanna’s stunning gold cloak at the Met Gala this year, and among Cfensi readers for her mind-blowing 1002 Arabian Nights fashion show in 2009 featuring Fan Bingbing. (Don’t tell them you knew about Guo Pei before the Met Gala in your application, because knowing about Guo Pei before it was cool is pretty hipster, and hipster stuff is so 2011.)

Volunteers will be responsible for preparing garments, and dressing and styling models for the show. Interested candidates with experience in dressing at fashion events are encouraged to apply. Continue reading

The Lion King musical is coming to China (and you could be in it)

Shīzi Wáng 狮子王 the musical will debut in Shanghai in 2015

Shīzi Wáng 狮子王 the musical will debut in Shanghai in 2015

The Lion King is 17 years old this year. The musical that is, not the movie. The movie is even older, celebrating its 20th anniversary earlier this week. That makes me feel old. I mean, I watched that in theatres.
Since then, after collecting a trophy case of accolades and over a billion dollars in ticket sales, The Lion King is being produced in Mandarin for the first time. Shanghai Disney Resort, the latest in a string of Disney theme parks, is set to open some time next year and will stage the Chinese version of the critically acclaimed Broadway show.

United Asia Live Entertainment, a company backed by the newly restructured Shanghai Media Group and South Korean conglomerate CJ Corporation, is holding open auditions for singers and dancers in the multimillion-dollar Mandarin adaption of The Lion King musical. This is the third international musical production for UALE, which previously brought Mama Mia and Cats to Chinese audiences, and marks SMG’s growing partnership with Walt Disney Studios. Hedging its bets, SMG is also partnered with DreamWorks Animation in Oriental DreamWorks.

Registrations for July auditions in Shanghai and Beijing are now open.

Male and female dancers
Between 18 to early-30s
Background in contemporary dance or ballet

Agile male and female singers
Between 18-45 years old

Before shooting to fame with her hit single Ai Ni 愛你 , Kimberley Chen played Young Nala in the Australian Lion King. In 2006, Kimberley performed in Shanghai as part of the Australian Asia tour. Photo credit: Zorg Lin

Before shooting to fame with her hit single Ai Ni 愛你 , Kimberley Chen played Young Nala in the Australian Lion King. In 2006, Kimberley performed in Shanghai as part of the Australian Asia tour. Photo credit: Zorg Lin

Both dancers and singers are required to prepare one of the following songs to showcase their voice and range. A piano accompaniment will be provided at the audition. Sheet music may be downloaded here. (Just so you know, these English song titles are not my translations. I’m not even really sure what “A Hard Waiting” means…) Interestingly, only a few of the songs are from the musical genre, highlighting the short history of musical theatre in China.

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Wanted: Hosts for Chinese music television program

An Australian team is looking for two young, Mandarin-speakers to present a new television show to be broadcast in China. The as yet unnamed Top 40-styled, Asian pop music video program is being spearheaded by Paul Higgins and Glenn Wheatley, who helped launch the music careers of John Farnham and Delta Goodrem.

– Young (18-30 years old), cool appearance with a big personality
– First language proficiency in Modern Standard Mandarin (Cantonese not necessary, but would be a bonus) Continue reading

You could be an extra in Transformers 4. Enthusiasm!

This guy? He might be the next big thing. And you? Well… you might be in the background, flailing in despair, as giant alien robots destroy your livelihood and all that you hold dear.

While China’s next batch of action stars might be taking a more novel approach to potential superstardom, a much less glamorous, much less well-paid route awaits cfensi‘s American readers!

Slated to be a joint US-China co-production, the team for the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is looking for a whole bunch of Chinese adults (18+) for non-speaking roles over in its stateside filming. Sure, extras are usually uncredited, underappreciated, minimum wage earners. But an impressive performance can go a long way in launching a career in acting. Continue reading

Want to model in China? Huayi Brothers is hiring

Huayi Fashion models

If you’ve ever thought about breaking into the fashion industry, this might be for you. Chinese media juggernaut, Huayi Brothers Media Group, is looking for models to sign under its Huayi Fashion agency.
A successful candidate would share a label with industry veterans Lisa S. and Patina Lin, alongside international catwalkers Sui He (Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana), Ming Xi (Vogue Italia, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood), and Shu Pei (Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton). Continue reading