“Our Love” begins airing!

Please watch!

Look at how many stuffed animals that would be sad if you didn’t watch this!

Idol drama “Our Love” begun airing this week on Jiangsu TV, managing to be cute and funny without being overly dramatic.

The Cinderella story has Chen Yanfei as an aspiring ad creative manager and Bryant Chang a wealthy inheritor of a large business trying to buy Chen Yanfei’s family resort.   Wei Qianxiang plays the extremely cute brother of Chen Yanfei who meets Joanna Zeng after taking in her runaway son.  And guess whose character Joanna Zeng’s character is the sister of? Bryant Chang!   Yuan Chengjie plays Joanna Zeng’s ex-lover, while Yang Rong plays Bryant Chang’s fiancee.  Zou Tingwei is in love with either Yang Rong or Chen Yanfei, or both.

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