Jing Boran by Liu Song

Jing Boran has always been one of the most photogenic Chinese male stars, and I think photographer Liu Song might have solidified his position as Jing Boran’s his best photographer with the blooms photoshoot and this one. There’s something magical about the two that makes all of their collaborations feel like idyllic strolls into an old-school European film. The actor recently wrapped up filming Psychologist.

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Jing Boran, Song Weilong’s period detective drama releases stills and first trailer

Everything about the first trailer for A League of Nobleman (formerly The Society of Four Leaves) screams high production values, and I am really liking Jing Boran‘s look in this drama.Song Weilong costars as the scholar / fellow detective. [Extended]

Period show + Mystery + high production values – this is the BL-novel adapted drama I want to watch the most.
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Friday Photos

September and October are traditionally the most high-quality fashion covers, but it seems like November is way, way better this year. Perhaps because the magazines don’t feel so pressured to have the biggest (safest) names bound by restraints, November covers so far are so much more modern in aesthetics.

Here’s a round-up of photos that caught our eyes recently. If you haven’t seen it yet, I also love Chen Man’s Zhao Wei photoshoot.

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Yang Zi, Jing Boran cast in healing drama Psychologist

Yang Zi plays He Dun, the titular character in the loose adaption of Bi Shumin’s novel of the same name. The drama will follow the heroine’s growth trajectory as she comes to accept and understand her childhood trauma and learns to repair her relationship with her mother. Jing Boran costars as Qian Kaiyi, the co-host of He Dun’s radio show and her love interest.

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Photographer Friday: Zhong Lin

Malaysian-born, Taipei-based photographer Zhong Lin (pinyin: Zhong Ling) is really one of my favorites. I love her whimsical style and bold use of colors that seem to bring fairytale settings to life. Her subjects always feel so filled with life, and each frame tells a story. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite celebrity photoshoots by her.

Previous photographer round-ups: Chen Man’s Chinese steampunk, Luo Yang’s raw femininity, Xiaoming’s frames , Fan Xin’s people and their surroundings

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