Round-up of upcoming Jin Yong projects to warily anticipate

I didn’t zoom like XDramasX told us to when she posted this, but this poster for the upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes series is like a hundred stabs to the heart of Guo Xiang fans.

Wuxia lord and savior Jin Yong, may he rest in peace, is finally getting a big screen revival recently, with at least eight mostly Hong Kong films in pre-production right now.  In addition, at least seven upcoming dramas are currently or will soon be filmed. Hey producers, I’m still waiting for someone to pick-up the cyberpunk wuxia version of Laughing in the Wu Dun


  • Legend of the Condor Heroes, a film directed by Gordon Chan (Painted Skin) that may be in pre-production limbo.  source
  • Return of the Condor Heroes, a trilogy directed by Hark Tsui ( Swordsman) to begin production June 2019.  source
  • Legend Of The Heaven Sword And Dragon Saber, a film directed and produced by Wong Jing (Royal Tramp) to begin production late 2019. source
  • Deer and the Cauldron,  a trilogy directed by Pang Ho-Cheung (Love in a Puff ) to begin production mid-2019. source
  • The Book and the Sword , written by James Yuen (The Warlords) and directed by Jacob Cheung (Cageman).     source
  • undisclosed projects – 835 films.    source
  • Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, to be produced by veteran Jin Yong drama director Zhang Jizhong – source
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, to be produced by  Fan Xinman.  source


  • Return of the Condor Heroes , finished filming with Tong Mengshi, Mao Xiaohui
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, currently filming with Tony Yang, Bai Shu, Zhang Tianyang
  • Deer and the Cauldron, set to begin filming this month. Rumored to star Zhang Yishan
  • Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber, currently airing and recommended for the big fight scene on Guangming Peak.
  • Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain,  produced by Zhang Jizhong and written by Bai Yicong – source
  • Sword Stained with Royal Blood, produced by KZ. Galaxy – source
  • A Deadly Secret,  produced by  Fan Xinman and written by Wang Hailin.  source
  • Another Legend of the Condor Heroes drama focusing on Huang Yaoshi and Ouyang Feng, produced by Cathay Media (Yu Zheng’s Swordsman and RoCH).  source

Promo Round-up: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber

Jin Yong’s most contested love triangle, are you #TeamZhaoMin or #TeamZhouZhiruo ?

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth 倚天屠龙记  airs two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays on February 27th.

OP by Emil Chau; ED below,  full song by Hu Xia here; Trailer 1; Trailer 2BTS

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Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth sets release date on February 27th

The classic wuxia novel is known for propelling the theory that the Ming dynasty was founded by and named after the  Manicheist Ming sect.

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth announced its release date of February 27th with a new trailer and a few posters. The series stars Zeng Shunxi, Chen Yuqi, and Zhu Xudan in a fight between three religions and three countries.

Both of the trailers have actually looked interesting to me, and given that there haven’t been a true-to-the-books version made yet, it’ll be interesting to see director Jeffrey Chiang’s take on it given his success with the 2017 version of the Legend of the Condor Heroes.

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Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Sabre releases new posters, concept art

Zeng Shunxi as the embodiment of Tai-chi Zhang Wuji

Upcoming series  Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber the ninth , the most morally grey and political of the Condor Trilogy, released an artsy set of new posters and some concept art in anticipation of its release sometimes soon. The series stars Zeng Shunxi, Chen Yuqi, and Zhu Xudan.

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Louis Cha, the beloved writer known as Jin Yong, passes away at age of 94

According to the Wen Wei Po, Louis Cha, journalist, historian, educator, and the writer most well-known as Jin Yong, passed away at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital on the afternoon of October 30, 2018. Cha was born in Haining, Zhejiang, on February 6, 1924 .

With each of his fourteen novels inspiring dozens of adaptations, Cha is the most popular wuxia writer of all times, if not the most popular modern Chinese writer.  If you have a favorite actor who acted before this decade, there’s a 90% chance they have played a Jin Yong character.  Just this year, there are at least four adaptations in the works (The Return of the Condor Heroes drama and filmDragon Saber and Heavenly Sword, and Semi-Gods and Demi-Devils) . Continue reading

Weibo Wednesday: September 18, 2013

The big news these past two weeks was obviously Faye Wong and Li Yapeng‘s divorce, a topic that continues to trend on Weibo. I don’t have much to say about it, except that I was not expecting it at all. But even a divorce can’t cover up the happiness of marriage, and we were lucky to get not one, but TWO celebrity weddings in the first half of September!

赫子铭: 今天我们幸福的婚了!下来后朋友问我是不是很累,我说实话我已经幸福的什么都忘了,其实这两个月最辛苦的不是我俩,而是所有的工作人员还有媒体朋友,我代表我媳妇儿感谢各位,还有那些到场和没到场的朋友们!感谢你们的祝福,因为在你们的见证下,我们的婚礼才显得格外有意义!总之铭记于心,感恩

First up are actor He Ziming and Super Girl He Jie, who wowed us with their proposal, their wedding photoshoot, and now their actual wedding ceremony. The two of them tied the knot on September 12th, and their wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. Check out these two photosets, courtesy of Nice Wedding, for some ideas for your own wedding! ;)

Today, we happily got married! After we came down, friends asked me if I was tired. To tell the truth, I was so happy that I’d forgotten everything else. The two people who went through the most difficulties these past two months actually wasn’t us, but all of the employees and our friends in the media. On behalf of me and my wife, we thank everyone, as well as the friends who could and couldn’t make it! Thank you all for your blessings, because only with you as your witnesses could our wedding seem especially meaningful! In short, engraved in my memory and heart, thank you.

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Stills of Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen,Zhang Xinyu released for The Condor Heroes

Any more like a fairy now?

My feelings on the casting of Michelle Chen as the Little Dragon Maiden are comparatively weak, which is why I am the one posting the latest stills from Yu Zheng’s new version of Return of the Condor Heroes. That, and because I strongly dislike (hate) Yu Zheng. Previously, he had shown us pictures of Michelle Chen in the audition gown for Jin Yong’s ethereal ice beauty and promised that she would look even better in the real costume. 

…Well, the real costumes are out now. I suppose you could say that the backgrounds are very heavenly. (Yu Zheng, why can’t you even get little details right? Is it so hard to keep her clothing completely white? Why is there all this pink and blue?) Chen Xiao‘s Yang Guo has also had official stills release, and as usual, Chen Xiao is an attractive young lad. Unfortunately, he looks like he’s wearing several bandanas over polka-dot pajamas. Though one would argue that it is better than this.

Instead of wondering what Yu Zheng was thinking (because maybe he wasn’t), let’s wonder how he can top the craziness of this drama. Stretch that imagination!

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The New Water Margin and Journey to the West Series casted


This picture made me laugh. It's okay Yan Kuan. You don't need to bulk up for your role in Water Margin as long as you ditch the facial hair.

Warning: Lots of Fangirling ahead because I couldn’t manage to write this without spazzing.

China’s really hitting the four classics this year. Two Journey to the Wests, two Dream of the Red Chambers, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and now even Water Margin has been pushed into production. But China’s drama industry rose pretty quickly in technique and visuals, so in that regard remakes are almost looked to. And apart from the cheap version of Journey of the West, I love the casts quite a lot so I’m happy. Two pretty Jia Baoyus, a hot Zhu Geliang, a hot Tang Shen, and now a shuai, hot, shuai dai le Yan Qing. Do I sound shallow enough yet? I hope so. The amount of eye-candy’s too great for one girl to handle. Share my enthusiasm!

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Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword finishes filming


I, Xiao Zhao, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the Sect Leader of Manichaeism, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Holy Light

The third drama in the Condor Heroes trilogy -Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword recently finished filming. Jin Yong is the only old guy that I fangirl over, and I would gladly pick him over any guy. With plots of Dickens, language of Fitzgerald, Jin Yong is so awesome that he has his own area of study – Jinology. Read some of his novels translated here.

This will also be Zhang Jizhong’s seventh and last Jin Yong drama, after which he will tackle the ambitious Journey to the West remake.
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First Look at Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009

Since famed tv director Zhang Jizhong had been systematically plowing through China’s all-time bestselling author Jin Yong‘s (sorry Guo Jingming) body of literature, and had already taken on Legend of the Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes, it was about time that he did the only remaining one in the Condor Heroes Trilogy, HSDS. These are the first production still-like quality pictures from the series, all of Ady An Yixuan (Outsiders, Chinese Paladin) as Zhao Min. If you’re not satisfied, don’t worry, give another five or six years and there’s sure to be another remake. I wonder if Jin Yong sleeps in a pile of money at night. Click on pics for bigger version.


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