Upcoming period drama news round-up

Zheng Shuang ready to start a fight over who’s prettier, her or Ma Tianyu.

After playing a quarreling duo in Legend of the Ancient Sword 古剑奇谭, Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu meet again for Gourmet Beauty 美人私房菜, a romantic comedy of food and beauty. More here. 

While we haven’t seen Hu Ge in a while, he’s been kept busy with dramas. He recently begun filming a lead role in the List of Langya 琅琊榜. Nicknamed the Chinese “The Count of Monte Cristo” and based on the book of the same name, the List of Langya is yet another epic directed by Kong Sheng of Chuang GuanDong. The series costars Liu Tao, Wang Kai, Jin Dong and Chen Long. Character drawings here. I’m so excited for this!!! Continue reading