Weibo Wednesday: September 23, 2015

This is less of a Weibo Wednesday update and more of round-up of a bunch of celebrities who announced they were dating (or in one case, married) and whom we couldn’t bother devoting an entire post to. Let me know if there are any celebrities you’d like an update from, because the Weibosphere has been a little dry lately, tbh.

Chen Xiao dating Michelle Chen

陈晓: 总有一天,你会跟我姓 [鲜花][兔子][兔子][兔子]@陳妍希michelle

Michelle Chen dating Chen Xiao

陳妍希michelle: @陈晓 [心][心][心][兔子]

Whether you loved or hated The Romance of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣), you gotta admit that the way leads Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen went public with their real-life relationship is pretty cute.

Chen Xiao: There will be a day when you will share my surname.

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Weibo Wednesday: April 24-May 1

Eddie Peng has been enjoying major success with his movies in the past two years: LOVE (爱), Tai Chi 0 (太极1), Tai Chi Hero (太极2), and Cold War (寒战) all surpassed 100 million at the box office, and at last count, A Wedding Invitation (分手合约) brought in 180 million RMB in sales and is expected to reach the 200 million mark.

Apart from having the Midas Touch at the box office, it seems as though Eddie might have another superpower. Did Eddie travel back in time to help shape U.S. politics by becoming one of Barack Obama‘s high school basketball teammates?

新视线: # 老照片# 奥巴马和他的队友们(1977年)

Outlook Magaine: #Old Photo# Obama and his teammates (1977)
Fan: @Eddie Peng, are you sure that’s not you on the bottom left corner?
Eddie Peng: Yep, that’s me.

Unfortunately, no one else in this week’s Weibo Wednesday seems to have developed any awesome superpowers, but that’s okay, we love them anyway.

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Top Combine’s 1st Album “Qi Tian Da Sheng”

I’m putting this up here because it’s an AMAZING album with contribution from all the five members which is so rare for a boyband’s first album. If they keep up the improvement since their first EP these kids will be amazing. Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang composed and wrote  four tracks, and the other four members each wrote lyrics for a song. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this, and there’s a good variety of songs, from ballads to fast tracks.

Please support them if you like the album and buy it!

Tracks starting with track three (because most people have heard the first two tracks). I’d listen to all the songs though because they’re all good.

Track 3 Guang Mang – Composed by Ma Xueyang about the friendship of the five members

The nine other tracks below. All thanks to PrescitedEntity@yt.

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Jin Ensheng of Top Combine acts as translator for Kim Minji


Hunan TV is working Jin Ensheng overtime – in just half a year Jin Ensheng has gone from being the cute, ableit Chinese deficient Korean guy in Top Combine to the cute Korean-Chinese translator for variety show Tian Tian Xiang Shang. TTXS doesn’t invite many celebs… and it continued that tradition when  still largely unknown actress Kim Minji guested. Kim has only done mostly CFs, including the BOBO OPPO commercial, and had a small part  in Korean Boys Over Flowers. In fact, most Chinese news portals had short blurbs announcing that “the girl in the OPPO commercial with BOBO” would be appearing in that series.

The full 1:30 min version of BOBO’s CF which I never bothered to put up before. Yes, any excuse to watch them in something.

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EE Media Family MV to kick off the New Year!

Edited #2 A second huge picture of Top Combine (Click for bigger). I’m officially jealous now. Wang Yuexin, Yu Haoming etc didn’t get such nice pictures.


Not only are there like a gazillion boybands in China now, but there are group company MVs! EE Media, the company behind the Supergirls, Superboys and anything affiliated with that, including Top Combine is having its own New Years MV with all of its singers (except Guo Jingming who most recently signed)

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