Beauty, Voice or Personality?


Conquering the world with beauty isn't easy when you look like you're made of glass

That’s the choice that millions of competitors and viewers have or will have to make this summer as the three talent shows battle it out. A look at what each one offers:

Conquer the world with beauty
Despite having the shallowest slogan of them all, SMG’s female “My Hero”, Jiayou! Dong Fang Tian Shi, or as we’re going to translate it, Jiayou! Dragon Angels,  has a quite deep, if not solid, backing. First up is the big fish – Huayi Brothers. Being a mainly film and drama producer, it makes sense that Huayi would want to go for the lookers over the voices. The Dragon Angels have been promised spots in Disney, SMG and Huayi’s High School Musical and possible spots in Feng Xiaogang movies. And then there are two starring roles in Hai Yan dramas.  If the Angels prefered flying over acting (who wouldn’t want to act opposite BOBO?), the top 60 are also guaranteed jobs as air attendants on CE-air. However, I do admire the fact that they require all contestant to audition without makeup. After all, SMG wants actresses, not make-up artists. Continue reading