Beauty Private Kitchens releases stills

Lesson learned. Always aim for high quality production because in case the drama ends up waiting a few years on the shelf, at least it won’t look too bad when it comes out.

Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu‘s Beauty Private Kitchens has released more stills.  I guess they are trying to draw interest to this drama after both leads having dramas recently airing.

More below the cut.

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Xianxia Sword releases stills

Ladies, ever wake up and feel like NOT doing your make-up?  Well here’s a solution, the veiled hat!!

Beginning its venture into the wuxia world, Lafeng Entertainment has decided to create Xianxia Sword, starring Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu,  Lu Yulin, Tian Li, Zhang Chenguang, Tang Zhenye, and Chen Weihan.  The story centers on a female Robin-Hood-like character and her escapades to give justice to the downtrodden and clear her father’s name with her legendary sword while wandering the world.

More stills below the cut.

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Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu collaborate again for Beauty Private Kitchens


Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu, latest regular on-screen couple?

Following their sweet romance in Ancient Sword, Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu meets once more for upcoming series Beauty Private Kitchens (more literally A Beauty’s Secret Dishes). Also produced by H&R Century, this drama dates to the Song dynasty and follows Chinese Martha Stewart’s Song Yudie’s trials and tribulations while attempting to find true love while pursuing her love of cooking.  Like any drama nowadays, the drama synopsis provides hints at birth secrets and schemes involving the ruling family (so period costume designers can have their fun).

This is turning into something like a Song dynasty version of Korean drama Jewel in the Palace… except the female protagonist ends up finding out she’s a princess… and it seems like her dream is more to start a restaurant… and her third wheel love interest is actually her brother… ewwww….  Despite the commonly used story devices, I find the trailer pretty refreshing and the actors seem to really be bringing it to life.  More stills below the cut.

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Stills Released for Golden Hair-Pins in the Palace

This is your weather forecast.  Today we can expect purple skies and thunder storms but none of this will deter cranes from flying around still.  Palace backdrop courtesy of Curse of the Golden Flower.

Seeing the amount of attention Han dynasty dramas have been getting, I thought we needed a breather.  Seeing the things that Yu Zheng gets away with and the number of installments he has added to his overdone Palace series, Lafeng Entertainment has decided to challenge this by making a sequel to their 2011 television series Mystery in the Palace.  Starring Ady An, Kara Hui, Michelle Yim, Jiang Yi, Chen Zihan, and Liu Tingyu, Golden Hair-Pins in the Palace 金钗谍影 (Who came up with this title?!?) is seeking to up Yu Zheng on the color palette and costume creativity, something they are starting to become famous for .

Set in the Qing dynasty, Golden Hair-Pins in the Palace seems to follow the typical story of an innocent girl as she navigates the plots and schemes in typical palace life and finds true love along the way, except with some detective stories added in like the sequel.  Anyways, more stills below the cut to ogle so I guess it’s a win.

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