Weddings aglore in Azure Hill


The mysterious town near Azure Hills, where no wedding ever works out, and the Lantern Festival occurs every other day.

Tang Yixin, Wang Kai, Jin Chen, Xiaocaiqi, Yao Yixin, Zhai Tianlin and Mike Angelo are only some of the people (foxes) getting married in the currently-airing Foxes of Azure Hill/Legend of Qing Qiu Fox.

So far, I would say the three chapters are in reverse order of quality.  Xiaocaiqi and Fu Xinbo make a surprisingly cute pair in probably the best-written chapter so far, Jiang Kaitong and Zhai Tianlin pull off the over-the-top story with their natural cuteness (although his dubber is the worst), while Chen Yao is the only redeeming feature of chapter 1.

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Unparalleled Happiness releases trailer

Unlike modern staring contests, people antiquity did avoidance contests.

Unparalleled Happiness 欢乐无双 has released a trailer.  People looking forward to Jiang Kaitong, Wei Qianxiang, Xiong Naijin, and Zhai Tianlin can get a better look at the drama in action.

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Han Dong, Jiang Kaitong Star in Upcoming Drama “Perfume Woman”

Now that he has his hair all back, Han Dong is off to romance perfumaniacs.

Han Dong and Jiang Kaitong headline the upcoming drama Perfume Woman (心香女人), which tells the story of Qing Ling, an orphan girl with an amazing sense of smell. She dreams of creating her own brand of perfume and, in the process, becoming rich so that she can give back to orphanages and society.

Since Perfume Woman is still in the filming stages, not much information has been revealed, though predictably there will be love triangles and the such. The drama did recently release its first stills, which can be viewed below the cut. Also in the cast are Taiwanese actor Lee Wei and mainland Chinese actress Crystal Zhang (Zhang Xiyuan).

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Unparalleled Happiness releases stills

Though the costumes don’t look too crazy, it’s got to be hard to walk without having those ornamental tassels  hit your face (center left).

Following in the recent trend of vintage-style stills, Unparalleled Happiness 欢乐无双 has decided to release their own.  This drama stars Jiang Kaitong, Wei Qianxiang, Xiong Naijin, and Zhai Tianlin.   Unparalleled Happiness sells itself as a comedic take on the mystery genre set in the Ming dynasty. It’ll be the second ancient series for the director the Prince of Lanling (Feng Shaofeng version), which explains the two male leads.

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Modern dramas round-up

Round-up of recent modern series we haven’t had time to post on, including Love Shine, One Karat of Dreams, Little Daddy, Love on Tiptoe, Fiancée, and Best Time.

Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen

Cast: Kim Jeonghoon, Yao Di, Emma Pei Bei, Wu Diwen

Love on Tiptoe  踮起脚尖吻到爱
Aspiring manager (Yao Di) finds a distraught former model (Kim) at her doorsteps, causing a string of events that shockingly ends in love. If nothing else, model Pei Bei is gorgeous here. The series airs 3 eps on weekdays and 2 eps on weekends. Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: May 24, 2013

 photo pfcfensi_zps27808127.png
 photo 704_975033_116962_zpse28c81a8.jpg

Thanks to SJZGloria for our new header!

It doesn’t matter how well she did on X-factor; Alan still shows us a brilliant smile. Sun Li got to welcome summer in bright clothing for one of my favorite magazines (Marie CLaire), while Liu Shishi is one step ahead and already at a beach. Zhang Lanxin adds the obligatory dash of sexy to our weekly post. Wang Xi seems to be dressed up like a bird and Yuan Shanshan actually doesn’t look too bad as a tomboy. Luo Jin’s most amusing picture involves two zebras. Nicky Wu and Liu Sidan are adorable as they flirt for their shoot. Zhang Han is worldly for Cosmopolitan, and Jiang Kaitong shows off how pretty she is at a ceramics house in Tianjin. Guo Zhenni seems to be reliving her youth in a carousel shoot. Jiang Jianfu would like to be a flower boy, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and Gulinazha just laughs at him.

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Jiang Kaitong, Han Chengyu do a fancy photoshoot


Jiang Kaitong also wishes her company would spend more on good scriptwriters instead of only trying to  make everything look pretty.

Mango Films actors Jiang Kaitong and Han Chengyu does a fancy photoshoot together. I really like how  Mango Films spends a lot of money to actually package their artists with great outfits and photography/cinematography.

Jiang Kaitong is currently filming drama Love Shine 爱闪亮 with Jones Xu (!) and Van Fan.
Han Chengyu is still attending school at the Beijing Film Academy, but you can watch the latest photos for his upcoming Qiongyao drama Like Flower Like Fog 花非花雾非雾 here.

More of the shoot here and below the cut.
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Stills from Zhang Han’s recent dramas


Imperfect recovery.

O Kaitong, Kaitong, wherefore art thou Jiang Kaitong? Deny thy company and refuse thy role. Or, if thou wilt not, be but replaced by Zheng Shuang, and I’ll no longer be so sad..

After a rather slow year and a half for the eeMedia actor,  Zhang Han will be returning to our television screens on July 15th, alongside Chen Qiao’en, Mingdao, Godfrey Gao and Zhang Meng in a modern romantic comedy series The Queen of SOP 胜女的代价. While we await the return of Zhang Han’s beautiful face, here’s an update on what else his been up to.

While SOP Queen is still right up his alley of idol dramas, his two other lead roles go for variety.  Zhang Han plays the handsome jade-faced hero Luo Jin in the historical epic Heroes of Sui and Tang 隋唐演义.  The epic produced by the pingshu master Shan Tianfang is Zhang Han’s first major mainstream drama, and his first major drama with a first airing outside of Hunan TV. Instead, the series will be airing simultaneously  Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong and Hebei Satellite channels.

And despite the youthful cast, his other modern work Waiting for the Blooming 等待绽放  is not an idol drama. With a more realistic focus on the struggles of recent theater academy grads, the series is perfect for its lead cast of Central Drama Academy graduates (Zhang Han, Jiang Kaitong, Li Xiaoman, and Zhao Chulun). The drama has been lots of fun for Zhang Han, allowing him to play a wide range of roles as an actor in the series.  Though this may the be Zhang Han and Jiang Kaitong’s second time (Fall in Love) playing an onscreen couple, there is no need for Han Shuang shippers to panic because we all know Han Shuang is True Love.

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