Chen Xiao, Wang Ziwen’s medical procedural drama releases trailer

Wang Ziwen, Chen Xiao, and Jia Qing’s medical procedural drama Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 released its first trailer yesterday. Chen Xiao seems way too young to look like he was a doctor when Wang Ziwen was still a child, but that seems to be what the trailer implies?

The series is directed by Yang Lei (Stairway to Stardom,The Red) and written by Wang Huan (Kill Mobile) and Weng Haixin (A Simple Hero). No news on airing dates yet.

God of War aims for release… for realz

This time’s for realz… we swearz…

God of War: Zhao Zilong looks to be releasing on April 3rd… and even put out more nicely edited posters to convince us this time.  Starring Lin Gengxin, Im Yoona, Godfrey Gao, Gulnazar, Kim Jeonghoon, Zhao Hanyingzi, and Jia Qing, I’m guessing if you want to see this, keep your fingers crossed but with the amount of materials they are putting out this time around, it’s probably actually going to happen. Viki has brought the rights to it overseas, so it should be English subbed over there.

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God of War aims for release


In the cut-throat environment of today, even historical figures are forced to bow their heads to the forces of popularity and chase the trends of yester-year.

God of War: Zhao Zilong looks to be releasing on January 21.  Starring Lin GengxinIm Yoona, Godfrey Gao, GulinazhaKim Jeonghoon, Zhao Hanyingzi, and Jia Qing, anyone interested in this drama can probably get a better look at the drama as promotional materials should start trickling through.

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God of War Lin Gengxin falls for SNSD Yoona in new trailer

None of these people are dressed like they’re from the same show.

Co-production God of War released its first trailer today. It was kind of boring and focused too much on the romance between leads Lin Gengxin and Yoona, but I expect the actual thing to be better given how good their previous work has been.

Other cast members include Gulinazha, Kim Jeonghoon,Godfrey Gao,  Jia Qing, Zhao Hanyingzi,  Yan Yikuan, Sun Xiaoxiao, and  Yang Le (as Zhuge Liang!).

God of War releases stills

Neither of them look comfortable because it’s really hard to ride a horse when you have to get both riders’ faces to show up in the photo.

Coproduction series God of War: Zhao Zilong released its first stills today, featuring Lin Gengxin as Zhao Zilong, SNSD’s Im Yoona as made-up character, Godfrey Gao as Lv Bu, Gulinazha as Diao Chan, Kim Jeonghoon as an angry bladesman, some girl who I can not identify Zhao Hanyingzi as another made-up character, Jia Qing as Maggie Cheung, and an older gentleman with a cool robe.

Jia Qing looking stunning in  a red dress in red leaves.  Already done, but props for trying to color-coordinate.


The Four finally set to air

… and it’s about time!! >:(

Looks like things are starting to get released.  The Four, starring Zhang Han, William Chan, Yang Yang, Mao Zijun, Janine Chang, GuiGui,  Han Dong, Huang Ming,  Mickey He, and even a guest star from Zheng Shuang, has started releasing character teasers for the series set to air on  Hunan TV following RoCH 2015.  Therefore, I thought I would make a post.

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Duke of Mount Deer airs

Han Dong tries to sell make up…


Jin Yong fans who are allergic to Yu Zheng can rejoice as Huace Media’s rendition of Duke of Mount Deer, has finally aired on December 20th.  Starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu QianZhang Meng, and Han Dong, character stills have been released.  With this 50-episodes monster unleashed last week  along with  Fan Bingbing‘s 86-episode The Empress of China (December 19th) and the recently released 60 episode Red Sorghum, we have to wonder if Chinese networks have suddenly decided to try to make us all go blind.

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Photoshoot Friday: Bridal

Wang Luodan in her bridal getup for Cosmo Bride could have her cake…and stand on it; doesn’t she look perfect as a figurine, with those colorful balloons? No groom to accompany her in this shoot, but her sister cameos in a white dress. Meanwhile, Wallace Chung and JIa Qing promote their new drama together in wedding style. Qin Lan dons white and silver jewelry, but she’s definitely the only lady here who’s shooting with a jungle as a background. Eva Huang Shenyi is the last bride in this round-up, glamorous white sparkly silver heels (has she met anyone from the stars recently…?) (more…)

Duke of Mount Deer releases new trailer

Your face after seeing this trailer.

With their latest adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils as well as Virtuous Queen of Han, Huace Media is poised to release a barrage of adaptations of Chinese epics in literature and history.  Adding to the list of epics will be their adaptation of Duke of Mount Deer, starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu Qian, and (probably most importantly) Zhang Meng and Han Dong.

This 50-episodes behemoth has recently released its first trailer (6 minutes!!  A baby by Chinese trailer-length standards).  More stills below the cut.


Stills released from latest Duke of Mount Deer

Zhang Meng plays Shuang’er, the “ideal lover” who gets the most ink-time.

With Han Dong as Wei Xiaobao and Zhang Meng as Shuang’er, the 2014 television adaptation of the Duke of Mount Deer promises to have human eye candy. Shawn Wei Qianxiang takes on the role of Kang Xi, while Lou Yixiao plays the sadistic Princess Jianning. Wei’s most beautiful wife, A’Ke, will be played by Jia Qing, and Viann Zhang will play yet another wife, Su Quan (for those who don’t know: Wei ends up with seven, total). Mu Jianping, the youngest wife, will be played by Wu Qian. Fang Yi will be played by Zhao Ke…

Duke of Mount Deer is set in the Qing dynasty (as evidenced by the bald heads). Wei is a rascal of a man, who manages to endear himself with Kang Xi. Much of the plot results from his efforts not to displease either Kang Xi, or the rebel sect that opposes the Qing emperor. The drama will run for 50 episodes.  (more…)