Weibo Wednesday: September 4, 2013

林更新: 发一张,参加童年那个比赛。

Anyone want to guess who this fine fella is? Why, none other than our Fourteenth Prince, Lin Gengxin! It seems he was jealous about being left off this list of beauties, so he decided to show them up. What do you think — can he compare to Ma Tianyu?

I’ll post a photo of that contest I participated in when I was little.

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Weibo Wednesday: May 22, 2013

高圆圆: 十五年,时间在流逝,青春在流逝,baby fat在流逝……但是友谊存,有增无减,一辈子的好姐妹![哈哈]@刘希媛real @江玲611 @许还幻

Fifteen years. Time’s flowing, youth is leaving, baby fat is losing …… but friendship remains, only increasing and not decreasing. Good sisters for life! @Liu Xiyuaan @Jiang Ling @Xu Haihuan

Gao Yuanyuan and co. shows that they haven’t aged at all in 15 years by striking a pose similar to a photo from 15 years ago, except they all look younger.

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