Zhang Jie sings theme song for animated feature Jiang Ziya

Ne Zha X Jiang Ziya poster

Zhang Jie sings Jiang Ziya, the theme song for the animated feature Jiang Ziya/ Legend of Deification. The film is from Coloroom Pictures, the producers of Ne Zha. I love the art style of this film so much and really hope its script matches that of Ne Zha.

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Music Monday: June 27, 2015

This is the first time where the leader kept switching places. It went from Zhang Bichen’s Nianlun to M.I.C.’s theme for the drama that is still never going to air before settling on Zhang Jie‘s Truth.    Also, I really need someone to convince me that Wang Hao is not planning to host drug parties because everything about his store from their slogan to logo to the trap music screams Chinese-entertainment-ban-for-life.

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Music Monday: Theme Songs

This week not only is Zhang Jie back with another pretty theme song, but there are also themes for a string of current/upcoming dramas, including by Momo Wu Mochou, M.I.C., Zhang Bichen, and Tan Weiwei.

Last Week’s winner, Zhang Jie’s Sahā World for Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

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Music Monday: June 15, 2015

I’m going to start putting last week’s poll winners above the cut, so M.I.C.‘s  CJ Chi Yuehan gets two MM features with his electric house solo Wonderful Life. Here’s a rehearsal room version here.  Yuehan and Wang Hao are currently filming a dancing-focused movie opposite Liu Xin.
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I Am A Singer semifinals: Shining favourites, MH370 conspiracies and angry Malaysians

Hunan TV's I Am A Singer topped the ratings last night, beating out rival singing contest, Sing My Song, and a really cool scientific game show.

Hunan TV’s I Am A Singer topped the ratings last night, beating out rival singing contest, Sing My Song, and a really cool scientific game show.

I Am A Singer 我是歌手 drew one step closer to crowning its second season champion as the hit show’s semifinal aired last night. And while the performance results mostly mirrored the trends of previous weeks, Malaysian fans quickly took to social media to voice their discontent over Shila Amzah’s anomalous sixth place showing. Some questioned whether her low score was the result of Chinese backlash over the Malaysian government’s handling of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 investigation. More on that later.

Chinese reality singing contests often follow unconventional formats compared to their international counterparts. So if you’re confused as to how someone actually wins this show, or why a previously eliminated contestant is back on stage, here’s a quick guide. But if you’ve been following the show and just want to watch the videos and read some rants and reviews, feel free to skip ahead! Continue reading

Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Since most Chinese children begin learning English in elementary school it only makes sense to create an English version of “Where are we going? Dad!” theme song.

(I decided to post video counts so you guys don’t freeze your computer trying scroll before the page fully loads – 12 videos)
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Zhang Jie releases “First Lady” MV

“I may not be the president, but you’ll always be my First Lady.”

Composed by Wang Leehom and with guest appearances from couple Wen Zhang and Ma Yili,  First Lady is directed my favorite up-and-rising MV director Peng Youwei (Baby Sister, Super Girls clips).  Watch the gorgeous MV in HD from fountainpark723@YouTube below:



Xue Zhiqian Reveals New Song For…Chinese Chess? + Other Performances

Xue Zhiqian sang his new song, “Chu He Han Jie” (not on his recently released compilation album) , which apparently is the themesong to… the end of the year Chinese Chess tournament in Shanghai.  Poor Xue Zhiqian. Why does Universal suck so much at finding promotional opportunities for you? Composed by Xue Zhiqian, and lyrics cowritten by him and the charmain of the chess organization. I really hope Xue Zhiqian goes back and edits the song, because his lyrics are usually better.

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