Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World releases more stills

It’s been so long since I can remember a RPG converted successfully into a drama in a way that pleased me.

I found a couple random Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World stills that we must have somehow missed… so until we find a way to raid Tangren’s back photo closet, here they are, featuring  Zhang Rui, Guo Zhenni, Ye Qing, and Wu Jianfei.  hooray for more costumes to look at… and “ethnic” ones that don’t look too misplaced or badly done…

More stills below the cut.
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Song Xiaobo Opens Photography Studio and Releases Photobook

A commenter recently requested us to give more updates on some specific guys in Chinese entertainment. Due to personal time constraints, we usually post on the bare bones basics in Chinese entertainment, like new releases, etc, that other site haven’t got to. But since she’s been pretty active on this site, we decided we would post on one of her requests.

Song Xiaobo was runner-up of the 2006 My Hero contest, which allows companies to sign talent afterward. He was deaf and mute, and thus, had more limited options in entertainment, but he’s been keeping very busy with acting and most recently, he opened a studio with friends. The first model he invited was Luo Jing, top 30 contestant of Jia You!Dragon Angels, the female version of My Hero.

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Photoshoots of Various Chinese Actors #2

Since I was just commenting about Deng Chao, I thought I would post these. It annoys me how people think it’s not good-looking enough to play the lead in HSDS, because if I am to sit and watch a series I’d rather watch someone who is decent looking but can act rather than stare at a blank pretty face. Besides, he’s not that unattractive. If you want your pretty fix however, check out the pictures of BoBo, Zhang Junning, and Lu Yi below. I guess BoBo can be called actors now since they’re both filming dramas.

Edit: All the thumbnails have been fixed. Sorry about earlier.

Edit: Added Wu Jianfei.


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