Jane Zhang, Li Ronghao forsake the world for Land of Beauty

It’s been so long since I’ve loved one of Jane Zhang’s theme songs, and this one is a work of genius.

The theme song to the eponymous film Land of Beauty 西游记女儿国 combines probably the two most beautiful love poems depicting the conflict between earthly love and eternal salvation, one told from the woman and one from the monk’s perspective, to create this beautiful duet.


Jane Zhang, Big Sean To Collab For ‘Terminator Genisys’ Soundtrack

Jane Zhang poses with Big Sean, confirming the news on Weibo

This may be the breakthrough in the Western music industry Jane Zhang has been waiting for. It was announced a few days ago that Jane Zhang and American hip hop artist Big Sean are teaming up to join the Terminator Genisys soundtrack, a 2015 sci-fi blockbuster film set to release July 1, 2015. The two will be singing the song “Fighting Shadows,”available to download on iTunes on June 30th. Besides allowing Big Sean to be exposed to more fans in China, this is also a great opportunity for Jane, who is now being featured on countless American news articles regarding this collaboration, and sets the record as the first Mainland Chinese artist to sing for a major Hollywood film.

Music Monday: ZGF

Here to make Monday a little easier =)
Here to make Monday a little easier =)

While we wait for all the ancient dramas to air in the upcoming month and year, here are some melodic Zhongguofeng songs from Jane Zhang, Huang Ling, Han Hong, and Ye Yiqan  to alleviate the pain:

Jane Zhang sings the beautiful theme “Wordless Epitaph 无字碑” for The Empress of China, written by Aarif Lee and penned by Fang Wenshang. The lyrics kind of makes me more concerned that this is going to feature a selfless Wu Zetian doing everything for the sake of a narrowly-defined version of love (because of course she’s doing everything for the glory of the Tang, that’s why she overthrew it and started her own dynasty).


Jane Zhang ventures into Wonderland with her new Forever MV

Pretty scenery, happy Jane, a little ambassador dressed in fairytale clothing make for a gorgeous MV

Most people trifle with a sixth sense, but Jane Zhang goes further. Her latest album is called “Seventh Sense 第七感,” of which the song “Forever 永远” is part. The whimsical MV has high production quality, with giant chessboards for roads and flying checker pieces, huge conch shells, and (possibly) clones of the White Rabbit’s stopwatch serving as a background for all the back up dancers and Singing Janes. Find the translation and a few more stills below the cut.