Weibo Wednesday: November 5, 2014

Hope everyone had a good Halloween last week! Some celebrities got in on the fun as well, though I haven’t seen any truly outlandish costumes yet. Here’s three of the cutest ones I saw — do you have any of your own to share?

Jimmy Lin with wife Kelly Chen at son Kimi Lin‘s school’s Halloween party. They’re dressed as a SWAT team. Excuse me while I express shock over the fact that they’re allowed to bring to fake weapons into a school. My workplace didn’t even allow lightsabers!

Jimmy Lin, wife Kelly Chen, and son Kimi Lin dressed up as SWAT officders for Halloween

夢想家林志穎: Happy Halloween day! 今天我们是“特警家族”参加Kimi学校的party,Kimi在台上看到爸比妈咪,表演的更加卖力边唱歌边跳起舞来了![嘻嘻]

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Various Photoshoots 3: Leading Ladies


Summer films are upon us, and leading ladies are not only arriving in theaters but hitting the magazine stands in China, so let’s take a look them, and the mags themselves because these shoots were much nicer than the last set I posted. Wang Luodan, in her film debut does a small shoot for Elle, while Zhang Ziyi gets the cover. Other leading ladies are the usual crowd, Fan Bingbing in Harpaar’s Bazaar and Sun Li in L’Officiel,  in futuristic looking shoots. Jacqueline Li Xiaolu does Hotspot, my fav weekly magazine.  Also looking gorgeous are the contestants for Dragon TV’s show Dragon Angels, which promises future leading ladies.

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