Intro2009 – China’s First Electronic Music Festival


Intro 2009- Ideas Need To Reach Out
3 stages, 15 hours, 28 artists, 10,000 people, 46,000 m² open-air plaza

It’s so cool how there’s so many music festivals showing up in China now. The first one was the Midi Music Festival 10 years ago, and there’s been increasingly more options. Two years ago, China’s biggest indie label Modern Sky started the Modern Sky Festival, then this summer they launched the Strawberry Music Festival. There was also the Zebra Music Festival in Chengdu (Chloe Wang and MC Jin performed there) and there’s been many others. Now China’s first independent electronic label, Acupuncture Records has launched Intro2009, China’s first Electronic Music festival gathering top-off the line equipment and artists for the event.

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