Sinology Sunday: The Forbidden Palace launches their own iPhone game

The artwork and music are so gorgeous that you can just enjoy it as an interactive animated film

Inspired by The Thousand Li of Mountains and Rivers by Song Dynasty artist Wang Ximeng as well as creatures from The Classic of Mountains and Seas , The Forbidden Palace‘s  first app (in collaboration with Netease) is now available for free on Apple app stores world wide.

The click-and-point adventure game takes the player through four paintings, each exploring a different theme with a different legend. Despite simple gameplay, the artwork and music are gorgeous that you can just enjoy it as an interactive animated film.   Several of the stories are also quite creative. There’s also a mini-story for many of the story elements where you can learn about the objects and creatures and their legends. Plus, the translations are solid.

Search for “Ink,Mountains and Mystery” or 妙笔千山 in your app store. iPhones link here.

The premise of entering a painting is actually perfect for this particular painting. Painted by the then eighteen-year-old Wang Ximeng for the Song Emperor Huizong. His outrageous demands was appeased by the emperor earlier on, but eventually he angered the emperor and was sentenced to death. Before his execution, he asked to be left alone with his painting one last time. He entered the room that house the painting and was never seen again. Rumors has it he entered the world of his painting, and lives there still.

On top of that, the game also collaborated with several hanfu companies to release limited edition outfits based on the characters.