[UPDATE] Slow news week in Britain; fact checkers possibly on Easter vacation, unlikely to watch Chinese television

Iain Inglis

This week, British news outlets have been covering the story of Welshman Iain Inglis and his appearance on China’s Got Talent 中国 达人秀. Inglis’s act, which earned him a place in the Top 16 semi-final round, saw the contestant uniformed as a Red Army soldier and singing red songs 红歌 to the praise of Chairman Mao and the Communist Party.

In an unusual display of British tardiness, the novelty singer’s appearance on the show took place two seasons, and over a year, ago.

Many of the news articles have included this accompanying video:

This is not China’s Got Talent.

The set devoid of “Got Talent” props should have hinted at the misidentification. What should have made it obvious is the large China Red Song Assembly 中国红歌会 sign in the background. This footage of Inglis is actually from Jiangxi TV’s 2010 red song competition. Continue reading