I Am Veeker – New Online Sci-Fi Comedy Series

Previous picture changed due to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!
Previous picture changed to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!

We’re all big BoBo fans here at CFensi, and when I say we, I mean me and idarklight, who’s pretty much the only other person who has contributed to posts at this site. So this series caught our attention because it’s the first time Fu Xinbo, the older one in BoBo has been in a drama, and as you can see from the still, he’ll be playing the “villain”.

However this series would probably be worth watching just because it’s script was written by Ning Caishen, who was behind My Own Swordsman/Wu Lin Wai Zhuan / 武林外传 which was a extremely well-written parody of Wuxia that has a huge cult following in China despite its extremely low-budget and virtually unknown cast. You can watch the full I am Veeker series here which is going to be airing completely online at ku6.com in lieu of on television, at a total of 6-7 episodes of about 25 min each, since as it appears, the internet is the future for money-making in China. Keep in mind that this is a comedy and it is very much tongue-in-cheek. Especially when it pokes fun of Sanlu milk powder. :D

A trailer, interview with Fu Xinbo, and BoBo fuzzy moments etc after the cut. A big thanks to idarklight for the heads up about this, and for writing the bulk of this post. If she wrote it, you know it’s better quality than most of the drivel that I post.