Ne-yo, Akon, JJ Lin, William Chan, everyone in Chinese rock join I am a Singer 4 finale


I am a Singer 5: Rock edition.

The song list for I am a Singer 4 finale has been announced, and they’re certainly hoping to give the least interesting season so far a boost in its finale. My bet is still on Coco Lee.

Coco Lee  ft Ne-yo –  Earth Song
Lala Hsu ft JJ Lin –  Twilight
Hacken Lee ft George Lam/Sally Ye – A lot of songs 潇洒走一回+阿lam日记+数字人生
Hwang Chi Yeol ft Gummy – You are My Everything
Joey Yung ft William Chan – 加大力度
Jeff Chang ft Akon –  爱如潮水 and   Lonely
Lao Lang ft Wang Feng, Zhou Xiao’ou, Black Panther keyboardist Luan Shu, Tang Dynasty’s vocalist and guitarist Ding Wu, Overload’s guitarist Gao Qi,  guitarist Li Yanliang, bass Chen Jin, and composer Ma Shangyou – Gift 礼物

There are additional performances by the first 3 season’s winners – Yu Quan, Han Hong, Han Lei

I am Singer 2 starts this Friday, releases posters


How will the young G.E.M. fare against her elders?

With the new year comes new seasons of all our favorite shows, including musical competition “I am Singer.” The opening seven will feature the amazing young artists G.E.M. and Zhou Bichang, R&B artist Gary Cao, rocker Luo Qi, host Phil Chang, and classic Wei Wei and epic theme song’er Han Lei, although I wish he had sung this song instead. Included in the link are what is rumored to be their first song, the only one where they’re allowed to sing their own songs. Who are you looking forward to the most?
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“Where are we going? Dad 2” raises record 483 million RMB


If you think  “Superwoman” Cindy is adorable, you’re in good company. Her fans already include Faye Wong,  Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Qiao’en, MingdaoHawick Lau, Wei Chen, Qi Wei, Wen Zhang, Aska Yang, and Li Yuchun.

The show that’s captured viewers with an 89% approval rate  has also captured  the hearts of sponsors, breaking not only viewership ratings but also record sponsorship fees.  Their latest ad sale for season 2 saw the sponsorship go to Yili milk for 312 million RMB, the highest ever for a sponsorship (the second is The Voice of China 3 at 250 million).     This is on top of 171 million RMB of three partnerships, not to mention potential product placement revenues (season 1 had frozen goods, toothpaste, milk, beddings, and cars sponsored) and actual ad revenue to come later. 

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I hear “Where are we going? Dad” is on!

The new record is just one of many in China’s accelerating TV biz. Sponsorship fees have multiplied 20 times since 2005.  

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“I am Singer” finale round-up


The three-hour music extravaganza made headlines across the strait, but whose performance captured your heart?

The finale for “I am Singer” is every bit as awesome as it was expected to be, with some really amazing collaborations.The finale is probably the first mainland singing competition to be aired live both in mainland and Taiwan, not to mention in live-streamed in theatres across China. Actually, the show has been reported so much in the Taiwanese media that some politicians are warning of the show as a brain-washing tool.

Here are some of idarklight’s favorite performances of the night. There are a few misses, but overall the  show was great. You can watch HD versions of all the episodes as well as collections of the individual singer’s performances on YouTube.

First up is Tan Weiwei and Zhou Xiao’ou‘s folk meets rock No party unended. Tan Weiwei really pwn’ed everyone as soon as she opened her mouth.

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“I am singer” to air live in theatres across China

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 11.11.32 PM

Who are you rooting for?


Boasting some of cpop’s most wellknown singers and state-of-the-art sound systems, the 3-hour finale of music competition  “I am singer” will be also be airing live in movie theatres across China on Friday night.

In addition to established musicians and competitors Yu Quan, Aska Yang, Huang Qishan, Terry Lin, Winnie Hsin, Zhou Xiaoou and Peng Jiahui, there will also be guest duets from Jam Hsiao, Deng Chao, Tan weiwei, Li Quan, Emil Chau, The One, Shunzi. Former contestants Laure Shang, Paul Wong of Beyond, Sha Baoliang, Chen Ming, and siblings  Qi Qin and Qi Yu will also perform.

Will you be watching live? Who are you rooting for? What have been your favorite performances from the show?