Hawick Lau, Wang Likun, and a lot of flowers in new drama


When they said A Flower with Two Lives, they didn’t mean A Pile of Flowers Who Are Now Dead…

Missing out on your favorite amnesia drama recently? No worries! The adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi’s 岁月是朵两生花 (literally Time is a Flower that Lives Twice), Twice Blooms the Flower 两生花 features both main characters losing their memories.

Wang Likun plays a seriously confused girl who gets pregnant and then loses her memories. Adopted by a passerby who raised her as her own, the young girl lived her life without knowing who she is or who the father of the child is. Then one day out of nowhere came two guys (Hawick Lau, Huo Zhengyan) claiming the child as their own. Man, if only DNA tests existed …

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“Incisive Great Teacher” to Air on June 4

Will the Longshi fanservice in Incisive Great Teacher cover up the bitter aftertaste left from Bu Bu Jing Qing?

If you’re like me, you’re totally bummed out at missing the first broadcast of Incisive Great Teacher (犀利仁师), which aired on a city-wide channel last month and saw all of its YouTube episode uploads wiped out within the past week. Luckily, Dragon TV has picked the drama up for a satellite airing, which will begin on June 4.

Recently, Incisive Great Teacher unveiled some new montage posters showcasing leads (and real-life couple) Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi, along with supporting cast members Huo Zhengyan, Ye Zuxin, Gui Gui, and Yue Yueli. Interestingly, on the posters, these six characters are introduced in both Chinese and English, though the font is so tiny that it’s probably more for artistic effect than for practical purposes.

Dragon TV will broadcast three episodes of Incisive Great Teacher every weekday, with Saturdays and Sundays getting two episodes apiece. More posters behind the cut, including an angsty love triangle!

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Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi Turn from Silly to Serious in “Incisive Great Teacher” Trailer

Huo Zhengyan attempting to rise above his third wheel status when hanging out with Nicky and Shishi.

If you thought Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi‘s upcoming collaboration, Incisive Great Teacher (犀利仁师), was going to be nothing but romantic slapstick, the drama’s newest trailer might not change your mind… until two-and-a-half minutes in, that is.

The trailer quickly walks us through the drama’s set-up: Liu Aotian (Nicky Wu) is dispatched to become an wushu instructor at Hong Wen Academy in order to ensure that the school follows the emperor’s new edict allowing female students. He accidentally messes up a marriage-partner-seeking martial arts tournament set up by Lu Yufei (Liu Shishi), who chases him to Hong Wen Academy and becomes a teacher there as well.

Bickering and flirting ensue, with a rival love interest (Huo Zhengyan) making an appearance and even the students (Gui Gui and Ye Zuxin) getting in on the romantic atmosphere. But then Yufei accidentally starts a fire at the school, and then she discovers that her father has been ensnared in a trap designed by Aotian. Cue the angst!

Check out the trailer below for some fun-turned-angst-turned fun, as well as Wallace Huo‘s cameo, which seems to pay homage to a certain scene from Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心).


Nicky Wu,Liu Shishi collaborate (again) for “Incisive Great Master”

 photo 704_1058012_802531_zps3cb8cacc.jpg

If Nicky Wu was your teacher, how much less likely would you be to skip school? He and LIu Shishi are collaborating once again for Incisive Great Master, where he plays the pugilist-turned-teacher Liu Aotian, and she plays the “old maid” Lu Yunfei. They are joined by Huo Zhengyan, tenth-prince Ye Zuxin (a rich-boy student), and Gui Gui (the class representative). Nicky Wu himself is producing this drama. More stills are found under the cut!

Synopsis: Jianghu pugilist Liu Aotian becomes a teacher at the Hongwen School. Due to a misunderstanding, the “spinster” Lu Yunfei follows him to the school and also becomes a teacher. In between their constant bickering, they oversee the growth of their (sometimes zany) students. Slap, slap, kiss; romance begins to bloom between the duo, but Huo Zhengyan’s Nie Yuanxin enters the picture as another male teacher, and the third leg of the love triangle. At the same time, there is a more sinister plot biding its time within the Hongwen School…

“Like Fireworks Like Butterfly” sets off first spark with a trailer

Making a rare drama appearance, the alluring Jiang Yiyan stars as the serenely beautiful Shanghai songstress  who simply wishes to be a schoolgirl.   Caught between a seemingly perfect innocent first love with a student and a treacherous relationship with one of the biggest mob bosses of the Shanghai Bund,   the girl whose name means “forever fragrant” ends up playing a key role in the turbulent changes sweeping over Republican-era Shanghai.

Watch its first trailer below: