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Only in China does the audience vote on whether the lead should have an abortion.

Once again spearheading innovations in TV, Hunan TV made another bold move by streaming the finale of their latest weekly series, Love’s Maternity Unit 爱的妇产科,  live.  Not only was the filming streamed live, the ending was based on live voting by fans as the finale was being aired. The first part of the 2-hour-finale was pre-filmed. Meanwhile, the final climax,  the main character (Zhu Dan)’s decision to give birth to a child at huge risk  or to have an abortion, was  live steamed, with her final decision being based on the voting.

The show is the first of a series of unconventional  series by Hunan TV to air during its unconventional  slot.  Coming up is a multi-serial series, “The Queen has arrived 女王驾到,” which includes four independent  chapters by four directors centered around four independent women.   Following that will be another rarity – a modern musical series with over 50 original scores in addition to covers. This is concluded by another film-while-you-go sit-com. 

China’s top channels tie the knot for “Let’s get married.”


After being wooed for years by Hunan TV, has CCTV finally said “I do?”

It wasn’t long ago when China’s state-run TV resented entertainment rising star Hunan TV’s rise so much that they wouldn’t even show faces of Hunan-related artists.   Yet last month. Gao Yuanyuan and Huang Haibo‘s  Let’s get married 咱们结婚吧 became the first TV series aired simultaneous on both channel.  The series, a commissioned series by both channels, is another major step in CCTV-Hunan TV collaborations.      .

In the past, the only such show have been major “red dramas” like Qia Tong Xue Shao Nian, and that was only if it aired on CCTV first.  Now, the two are of equal status.   Not only has CCTV begun broadcasting Hunan TV primetime dramas like Spring Romance during the day, but channel 2 aired Hunan TV’s reality show “Life Exchange 变形记” during the popular 6 o’clock spot.

“Where are we going?Dad” dads promotes “Let’s get married.” Little did they know at this time that they were filming a live version of “We got married”.
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Most Popular Cdramas Online from 2009 Onward

When judging the popularity of television dramas, the go-to statistic has always been the drama’s ratings (收视率). Also known as audience measurement or television viewership, a drama’s ratings show how many people tuned in — the higher the number, the more people turned on their TVs to catch the latest episode.

With the rapid development of new media, however, ratings can no longer illustrate the entire picture when it comes to drama popularity. More and more, people are turning to online streaming or downloading in order to get their drama fix, which means a shift in criteria may be necessary.

Recently, Sina published a list of findings from Vlinkage, a Shanghai-based consulting company that monitors data regarding videos and new media in China. Founded in 2012, Vlinkage has amassed what they call China’s most complete information database on actors, movies, and TV dramas, which they then use to evaluate the entertainment market.

In their article, Vlinkage lists 48 dramas that have received more than 1 billion views online. To put this in perspective, that’s how many views Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV reached on YouTube five months after it was uploaded. That’s one video. This is 48 dramas, and the one topping the list has almost 7 billion views.

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New entertainment company in charge of Huan Zhu Ge Ge remake


News spread fast last week that Long Danni, CEO of eeMedia would be leaving the company for Shanda entertainment. This gave us all a series of heart attacks, because eeMedia was chaotic until she was hired last year and took over, and in the past year she’s accomplished so much by overseeing eeMedia’s first drama production, Meteor Shower, making Supergirls a nationwide hit, organizing the music department, etc. We couldn’t believe that a woman with such a strong vision would just leave the foundation she had worked hard to create.

And she didn’t. Well,  not technically. Instead the real story behind the news points to an alliance that will only stretch the boundaries of eeMedia and Hunan TV further, not topple the company.

Shanda Interactive (Shanda) and Hunan Broadcasting Systems (Hunan) held a press conference today announcing the formation of a new entertainment company. The new company, Shengshi (Glorious Times) Film and TV, with an initial investment of 600million yuan, will be a Shanda-Hunan joint venture focused on film and drama productions as well as artist management.

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Huan Zhu Ge Ge to be remade

Who'll be the next Vicki Zhao?

Searching for the next Zhao Wei

At first, we all thought it was a joke. Huan Zhu Ge Ge has been a stable of Hunan TV, and many look forward to the trilogy every summer for the past 12 years. And still, it has yet lost its appeal and remains a viewer-getter.

Yet as the official news stack up, it seems to be real. Hunan TV’s editor-in-chief Li Hao even gave an interview about it. Of course, that could be false or done for an alternate purpose, too. It also seems to make sense that the one of the reasons for the new drama is the fact that Hunan TV’s gone HD, which means that HZGG will look fairly weak compared to other dramas broadcasted.

According to ihunantv, the new HZGG will encompass all three seasons in a long, 80-episode-drama. The plot will also be changed by Qiong Yao herself. Cast is yet undecided, and it’s still uncertain whether eeMedia or Nesound (or both) will be filming the drama.
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Five Channels to Broadcast in HD in Two Weeks

I don’t have much time right now so I thought I’d put up some straightforward industry news that probably won’t make me feel compelled to reply to comments etc. I like all these channels (not sure about CCTV-1) and if I had to pick five I wanted in HD these would be it. The one I can think of that I would like off the top of my head added to the list, is CCTV-5. I want to see hot atheletes in HD ^^.

SARFT: Five Channels to Begin HD Simulcasting

Sina Tech, 8/11/09

China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has revealed that CCTV-1, Beijing Satellite TV, Shanghai’s Dragon TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and Hunan Satellite TV will begin simulcasting of standard definition and high-definition programming on September 28. The two broadcasts will feature identical content, and the stations will not be permitted to charge additional fees for the addition of the high-definition services.

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Meteor Shower and Super Girls succeed together

Climbing up the ladders of success

Climbing up the ladders of success

High ratings, ton of eye candy, adorable theme and an exciting scriptwriter made both Meteor Shower and Super Girls a success this year.

Both reached about the rating of 3.0 (over 60 million viewers) at their latest, and both have had an upward slope of viewership. Meteor Showers peaked at about 3.1, and Super GIrls had 3.46 last week (70+million). And that’s not counting the number of people who watched it through other devices (Super Girls last week had over 100 million users watching it on PPLive)

When revisiting this summer, Chen Chusheng’s lyrics come to mind – “this winter(summer) did not bring me any surprises.” There were small things along the way that were unexpected, but for the most part, GBS (Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, aka the Hunan Broadcasting Company that owns eeMedia and Hunan TV) delivered to the best of their abilities. There were no breakthroughs, only GBS doing its best. Continue reading

Open Thread #3 – Let’s “Watch Meteor Shower Together”

cast all

They had time to climb the great wall but not dub themselves

This is going to be another open post, for discussion about the drama as it airs this Saturaday at 10:00pm Beijing Time on Hunan TV.

For those of us without Hunan TV (or friends who do that we can convince to “watch meteor shower together” with) but want to watch the drama live, the only way is through legal and not-so-legal online streaming sites. Here’s a compilation of ways to watch Meteor Shower online.

But before that, cfensi wants to pimp Brickwall, who is doing Chinese Paladin 3 recaps. Cfensi: She also recently finished up some great Black and White recaps as well.

1. TVU
This is the fastest online streaming of Hunan TV I know of. Cfensi and I watched the New Year’s show on here. You can download the software for free here, and then simply search for Hunan TV in the bar.

2. Mango TV
Mango TV is fairly fast and one of the more HQ video-streaming softwares. In addition to live streaming, it also has videos of older episodes of Hunan shows. This also requires a software download here.
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Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy


If only the distribution of Hunan TV's viewers was like this.

After taking over entertainment from CCTV, Hunan TV seems to also be gaining increasing responsibility in foreign affairs in the TV world as it hosts everything from the CCP-KMT party forum to Chinese competitions for foreigners.

First up is the more entertaining competition. Chinese Bridge is a collaboration with the Chinese national Hanban committee. The preliminaries are hosted in various countries around the world, with the top winners going on Hunan TV for the finals, where they’ll make many Chinese ashamed at their lack knowledge of their own culture. Present at the opening ceremony of Chinese Bridge are , of course, the five boys who bridged cpop and  kpop and the four boys who hopefully will do even more for bridging Chinese entertainment and the rest of the world.

H4 without Xun:
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Be Happy, Be Chinese – Hunan TV and the decentralization of Chinese TV

On the 20th, Hunan TV will launch its global channel with the logo, Be Happy, Be Chinese."

On the 20th, Hunan TV will launch its global channel with the logo, Be Happy, Be Chinese a continuation of its Happy China slogan

8 PM, Beijing Time. Xin Wen Lian Bo blares across every local and national TV station in China. For years, China has had one centralized new source for everything – Xinhua in print and CCTV on TV. While local stations are mostly allowed freedom, at 8:00pm everyday, all channels are required to show CCTV’s daily news report. But perhaps not for long. Last year, Hunan TV appealed to SARFT, China’s governmental media agency, to be allowed to broadcast its own news report rather than that of CCTV’s. Or so it was rumored. Despite the falsehood of this rumor, the fact that people believed it showed how much Hunan TV’s prestige has risen. This is only one sign of the recent decentralization of Chinese media sources, especially in the rise of local channels in popularity as interest in the state media declined.

These local channels, spearheaded by Hunan TV, although still mostly state-owned stations, lack the formalities of CCTV and are allowed to be more creative.

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