“Fairytale in Half” Release MVs for OST

“Half of a Fairytale” tells the story of twin sisters (Janine Chang) united after being separated at an early age. The main cast includes Lee Joon Hyuk (KDrama City Hunter), Zhu Zi Xiao (Unbeatable 3), and Mikan Liu Mei Han (this drama is girl group i-Me member Mikan’s acting debut). Along with the long list of guest appearances from eeMedia artists (including Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Top Combine members Zhang Yuan, Ma Xueyang, and Li Mao), well known faces like He Jiong, Li Qian, and Qi Wei also made special appearances. The drama is available on youku.

The Opening Theme “Love, With You is Complete” by Wei Chen
LoveVC1314 @ Youtube
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eeMedia Family Winter MV Pictures Part 3

I want this poster on my wall

You can also watch behind the scenes here , here, here and here. The song is composed by Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang and you can listen to it here. Shoutout to fountainpark723@youtube for uploading most of the videos.

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Super Girl photobooks, part II


Anyone else see the Vanessa Hudgens resemblance in this photoshoot?

The rest of the Super Girl photobooks (Huang Ying, Jiang Yingrong and Pan Chen) have been released. Of the three, I could only find the cover of Pan Chen’s photobook. Overall, I was a bit unsatisfied with the photoshoots. Though very pretty, they didn’t really show the personality appeals of the girls – Huang Ying’s simple, childlike cuteness and Jiang Yingrong’s infectious happiness sprinkled with sexiness.

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Best and most of Super Girls 300

Super Girls

This year's Super Girls are definitely pretty, but can they sing?

A brief overview of the top 300 of this year’s Super Girls. Note that I haven’t watched every competitions, or even half of it. I watched most of Chengdu, Changsha and online. The rest are viewed only if someone on baidu tieba recommended them. And though there are a lot more good singers, I’ve only picked some that really stood out to me. All opinions are mine.

Best English singers: Yu Kewei and Pan Hongyue

I really love what judge Wu Qixian said about the two of them:

Right now, among those who can sing Western songs so beautifully, but still maintains the identity of Chinese, one is Qi Yu, and the other one is Yu Kewei. Pan Hongyue, you have even more techniques and things to show off than Yu Kewei. Unfortunately, when you sing Western songs, you become no longer Chinese but a foreigner. We can only see an imitation, not a Chinese who can understand the essence of Western music and culture. That’s the difference between Yu Kewei and you. Many may be wowed by your glamour today, but what we really seek is the uniquely Chinese way of expressing our values,spirit and culture, and you need more careful thought on that. I hope you can grow, and understand how much we expect of you.

Yu Kewei singing “Gloomy Sunday:”

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