Huang Xiaoming, Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho, and the future of Chinese dramas

Cover art of the book, which is in the process of being made into a manga
Cover art of the book, which is in the process of being made into a manga

In recent news, Huang Xiaoming just replaced Dylan Kuo as Ou Chen in the Summer of Bubbles after investors complained to Peter Ho, the producer and co-star (as Luoxi) of the drama. Huang Xiaoming apparently liked the script so much that he agreed to be paid a fraction of his worth just to be in the drama. Other than the fact this’ll be the first Taiwanese drama starring a mainland actor, it’s also significant as Summer of Bubbles is one of the several mainland books that’s been recently picked up as dramas. A word on the direction of Chinese literature and dramas.


Huang Xiaoming and Wang Luodan are Pretty

The stars of the upcoming An Xiang, or Hidden Fragrance, Huang Xiaoming and Wang Luodan were both voted into the top 10 of the 50 most beautiful Chinese people in poll done by a recently with Huang Xiaoming as second only to Zhao Wei and Wang Luodan as fifth.

Huang Xiaoming saw an impressive increase in popularity despite having not done a drama in a while, not since Duke of Mount Deer which wasn’t that good, and Wang Luodan went down in vote numbers since it has been a while since Fen Dou, the hugely popular drama that brought her the fame. I guess Volleyball Women, made-for-the-Olympics drama didn’t do her any favors. Even more impressive, Huang Xiaoming actually beat out Chris Li Yuchun who always dominates ranking polls. Click here for the top ten…you probably won’t know most of the names though, and they definitely were not all chosen for their beauty.

Oh and if this post sounds awkward to you it’s because it’s not originally what I was going to write about at all and had to make changes. Oh well…Golden Horse Awards start in soon and I’ll be definitely posting on that even though it’ll probably be covered by everyone.


Fit Lover a Hit at the Chinese Box Office

Karena Lam: How could I still have been outshined despite having 12x as much screentime as everyone else? It's back to being under appreciated.

This movie (also known as Call for Love 2) raked in more than its predecessor, Call for Love and signaled the first week of the wave of holiday-friendly movies. There were no actual numbers but according to reports, theaters were 80% full, and some were even sold-out. Also according to reporters, it seemed to be doing better than Desires of the Heart. I really wish there were actual numbers because it’d be interesting to see how these two romanace comedies stacked up against the other two new releases, guy-friendly Beast Stalker/Witness and The Underdog Knight. I predict the action flicks win because there are more men in China. :P

Inside sources say that a script for Call for Love 3 is already in the works.

Also, guess which character audiences liked the most in Fit Lover, according to Sina? I’ll give you a hint…it wasn’t Karena…so which one of the twelve guys?


Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young

I said I would do a special fun post in exchange for someone making my banner when site hit 10,000. Well, here it is as promised, although nobody ever made me a banner. :( This is still incomplete…I don’t have a few people in here, and I wanted to put an after pic of everyone, but I got way too tired of that so I only put some for some people I didn’t think people would know (like all the mainland guys apparently), but eventually I will update this and make it the most comprehensive Chinese celeb baby picture list ever.

Love or hate her, you’ve got to admit Liu Yifei was one of the most adorable children ever.

More of cute adorable children behind the cut. I think it’s really rare for Chinese people to do plastic surgery (as of now) so this won’t be one of those “spot the differences” posts. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND POST ANYWHERE ELSE, w/o permission.


Thank You to all the Chinese Celebs giving to Charity Recently


I just read about Louis Koo, who after going to Sichuan in July to help with Earthquake relief went back to Hong Kong and decided to establish the Louis Koo Charitable Foundation to help society in need. This charity finally got the license yesterday. He’s not the only one who’s been doing things lately. Huang Xiaoming, Vicky Zhaowei, Sun Li, Jet Li, power couple Li Yapeng and Faye Wong all have been recently. I think part of growing, growing to be an accountable society requires things like this.


Fit Lover Movie Theme MV


It looks like Deng Chao is the main lead. Congrats…out of 12 actors, that’s quite an accomplishment. They made the right choice in picking the charismatic Karena Lam as the lead. I’m watching this, and I don’t hate her. Sorry that the audio quality is not so good on the video. It’s actually quite a pretty song. Under the cut.


Not enough actresses to go around in the PRC?

Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few screentime he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam
Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few minutes he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam

Those criticizing the one-child rule can look no further than upcoming films in China for support. “Fit Lover” is going to star 12 guys chasing after one girl (a spin-off of the 2007 Lunar-New-Year comedy where 10 women chased after one guy), and the upcoming Superboys musical will have all 13 region winners. It doesn’t matter how bad these films turn out; I will probably watch them more than once. It’s going to be cracktastic.

The cast list of Fit Lover with more pics under the cut, and pics from the press conference of the Superboys musical.