Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo back in the Ming for “The Imperial Doctress”

Hoping to finally have an ending that doesn’t involve the death of either her or her beloved, Liu Shishi becomes a doctor. Little does she know that the greatest irony of them all is when the doctor can’t save her own love.

Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo join hands once more in the Ming dynasty for upcoming Tangren/NewBeauty series The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传.  Luckily, her outfits this time is actually more reflective of fashion of the era, with plenty of aofu (upper jacket + lower skirt) and bizi (the outer jackets). Liu Shishi plays the historical figure of Tan Youxian, one of the four famous female doctors of ancient China.  Wallace Huo and Huang Qian play two princes who probably via for her love, with Wallace Huo being the eventual Zhengtong Emperor.  Filming begun  March 25th in Hengdian. Character posters below the cut. (more…)