Promo Round-up: Imperfect Love

The remake of Japanese drama Mother, Imperfect Love stars Zhou Xun as Lin Xuzhi, the ‘mother’ who ‘kidnaps’ one of her students (Chen Sinuo) after discovering she is being abused. Angie Chiu plays Lin Xuzhi’s biological mother and Kara Hui plays her adopted mother.

The 30 minute x 22 episodes web drama releases 2 episodes every Friday and Saturday on Tencent. English subs will be available on WeTV.

Teaser, BTS, Theme song by Jin Wenqi, Theme song by Zhou Shen


Chang Chen, Liao Fan, Ni Ni brace themselves for the storm in Savage

The film will be screened in the US and Canada on May 3rd.

Action revenge thriller Savage 雪暴 stars Liao Fan, Zhang Yicong and Huang Jue as a group of robbers who intend to steal a truckload of gold bars. Chang Chen and Li Guangjie play a pair of cops who happen to get in their way, and the latter is killed in the process. Ni Ni plays doctor Sun Yan, who somehow gets entangled in the mess. The film won the New Currents Award at its debut at the Busan International Film Festival.

The film will be screened in select theaters in the US and Canada on May 3rd. See locations here.





Street Style: Last Reminder of Summer

 photo 19142_293112_462094_zpsdae71f69.jpg
Sunny clothes and sunny smile for Joe Chen Qiao’en.

As summer comes to an end – August is gone already – fashionable c-celebs end it in style. (Or really, Cfensi introduces you to their pretty clothes so we can slide out of that season with style). Look below the cut for Wang LIkun, Nicky Wu, Ma Su, and more.

“Wheat” Stars Fan Bingbing and Huang Jue in “Cosmo Bride”


I knew I had forgotten at least one movie in my previous post, and Wheat‘s one of them. It also opens on the 28th; My Fair Gentleman has some really stiff competition. This is the comeback movie of director He Ping, whose last movie was 2004’s well-received Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

Huang Jue is probably unknown to anyone who doesn’t follow Chinese dramas, but he gained a popularity boost  this yearwith the series Qing Cheng Zi Lian. He’s always had some fame though. His last film  was rock movie Air Diary with Xu Fei (yeah…I had no idea either, but I like the theme song). And I’m sure you know Fan Bingbing from a gazillion different things this year . I wonder if she  is tired of shooting movies or photoshoots yet. Probably not. I wish I had her energy.

Trailer for wheat, a quote from Huang Jue on Fan Bingbing,  and more pics behind the cut.