China’s top channels tie the knot for “Let’s get married.”


After being wooed for years by Hunan TV, has CCTV finally said “I do?”

It wasn’t long ago when China’s state-run TV resented entertainment rising star Hunan TV’s rise so much that they wouldn’t even show faces of Hunan-related artists.   Yet last month. Gao Yuanyuan and Huang Haibo‘s  Let’s get married 咱们结婚吧 became the first TV series aired simultaneous on both channel.  The series, a commissioned series by both channels, is another major step in CCTV-Hunan TV collaborations.      .

In the past, the only such show have been major “red dramas” like Qia Tong Xue Shao Nian, and that was only if it aired on CCTV first.  Now, the two are of equal status.   Not only has CCTV begun broadcasting Hunan TV primetime dramas like Spring Romance during the day, but channel 2 aired Hunan TV’s reality show “Life Exchange 变形记” during the popular 6 o’clock spot.

“Where are we going?Dad” dads promotes “Let’s get married.” Little did they know at this time that they were filming a live version of “We got married”.
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Photoshoot Friday: August 16, 2013


This week in the petting zoo…

Saturday August 17, 2013 is International Homeless Animals’ Day. Though I don’t think there are many homeless horse running around in the big city near you, but the natural beauty of Li Fei’er is too good to pass up. To represent the disproportion of homeless felines compare other animals in the homeless shelter, this week’s photoshoot Friday has more puppies than kitties. Showing off their love for kittens are Jin Sha, Zhang Hanyun, and Wang Luodan. And on the puppy side we have Zhang Jiani, Huang Haibo, Qi Wei, and Liu Ye.

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Photoshoots round-up : men in B&W

chen xiaodong bizmode2

Why would Feng Shaofeng need to put on a mask in war and not me? I’m so much prettier.

An all-male photoshoot round-up? Don’t get used to it. But in this testosterone filled drama season, with the top dramas all being war/uprising dramas like the two Sui-Tang dramas as well as The Legend of Chu-Han, there are actually plenty of male photoshoots this time around. Photoshoots from Zhang Han, Yan Kuan, Jing Boran, Jia Nailiang, Zheng Kai, Chen Xiaodong, Huang Haibo and Han Dong in mostly black and white.

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